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  • Tall
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    There were three things that Dawn was certain of: 1) she's tall (she stands 5'10 which is really tall for a girl and according to her, well, she's basically a giraffe), 2) her best friend is getting married and 3) she believes that she'll never find true love. But things started to change after she spilled hot coffee...

  • Twelve Ways To Spend One's Christmas Eve
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    "Anna dislikes being stuck three-quarters of the way down a chimney. She really does. Not to mention, she's still going round North America, and there's, like, three continents still to get through in about as many hours."

  • Intricacies
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    We look up at the same sky and we see the same thing and suddenly, it's not so lonely anymore.

  • Before the Morning [BEING EDITED]
    700K 31.6K 47

    [This story is free as of February 10, 2021] "Move over A Walk to Remember, and make way for one of the most heartwarming stories this side of Wattpad. It's so cute, I could cry (again)." - Grace @ HQ After tragedy strikes, Nolan loses all faith and never expects to love, let alone smile again until Nora-perky and per...

  • Driving Doctor Mayhem
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    PERSONAL ASSISTANT NEEDED. People skills optional. Ability to take drink orders preferred. Personal mode of transport a MUST. To Reply, Contact Dr. M's home office: 1-555-TRBLE-4-U (Idiots and those prone to knock-knock jokes need not apply.) ◎ ◎ ◎ Nobody in their righ...

  • The Invincible Summer of Juniper Jones
    682K 30.8K 27

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION In 1955, mixed-race Ethan Harper leaves his progressive hometown for a summer in Alabama where he's not welcome, except by resident free spirit, Juniper Jones. ***** After getting himself into a bout of trouble, 16-year-ol...

  • Confessions About Colton
    7.4M 390K 50

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION Seven letters, seven confessions, seven clues. Elliot Parker has what he needs to find out who killed his best friend... But is he hunting down the killer? Or is the killer hunting him? ***** When Colton Crest returns, unhar...

  • summer
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    ❝do you think that we'll ever become stars?❞ © crewneck 2014 sept. 24, 2014 - poetry #84 / romance #573

  • Transparency
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    One summer, five kids: a fragile dreamer, a moody pessimist, an aggressive feminist, a closet homosexual, and a modern-day aristocrat. © crewneck sept. 24, 2014 - adventure #120 nov. 30, 2014 - teen fiction #334

  • Passenger | Unedited Version
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    The summer in which Nellie Dreher tries to draw the map to Indie Rao's heart. (cover by @GlamerousDolls)