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  • Family Fiends. || Chuckle Sandwich x Reader // C&W + ITT Continiation
    2.6K 81 5

    [DISCONTINUED] 3/3 After finally settling down to raise their child together, Y/N and the Chuckle Boys see clear skies ahead, only thinking of the best. While Charlie and Ted have attempted to clear their records by getting normal jobs, though, Schlatt is still persistent in his life of crime, not seeming to be able t...

  • In It Together. || Chuckle Sandwich x Reader // C&W Continuation
    57.5K 1.5K 32

    2/3 After settling down and trying to figure out their next move, some old friends decide to strike the Chuckle Gang, leading to a new heist that they'll never forget.

  • Cigarettes and Whiskey. || Chuckle Sandwich x Reader
    118K 3.7K 31

    1/3 Y/N's father is not a very clean man. His record isn't the most innocent, considering he's a gambler, a money launderer, an abuser, and a downright criminal. On different missions you keep bumping into a certain man, which you won't forget.