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  • 17+3 facts about the gorgeous me
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    hey ppl...since wavesss decided she would tag me n here it goes...ready steady n go.. fact no.1: I luv to talk. im a chatterbox and can talk non stop fact no.2: wavesss is my elder sister who is like my 2nd mother fact no.3: im 17 and doin my 1st year in pre university fact no.3: I love my dad, my...

  • Twenty Four Facts About Me
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    Did anyone of you know that my name is Rumaana? How many people knew that I have a husband- Dihya al Khindi? Did anyone ever take note that my twin sons, Uthmaan and Luqmaan, were actually adopted? Who knew that I hate the term 'in law' and actually prefer just the terms sister, brother, mother and father? Did anyone...

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    #20Facts about me.

  • Twenty Things About Me
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    Yep, I got tagged

  • 20 Random Facts About Me
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  • Twenty Facts About Me
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    I've been tagged to reveal 20 facts about me. So here goes...enjoy :P

  • I Got Tagged For 20 Facts...
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    Okay so I'm not exactly sure how to do this so I'll just do it how I think it should be done. Tag 20 people. Enjoy!

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    I've been tagged! Now I have to reveal 20 facts about me to whom I've been tagged by, and tag 20 people! If I tag you, you have to do the same! Cover: Zammurad

  • 20 things about me!!!
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    Im not a famous person here...just a random girl.....still if u wanna know me....n u feel like....then read this...♥♥♥