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  • Trash Exchange Student of RAD (Obey Me X LOCF)
    14.2K 744 4

    Diavolo needed another exchange student in the human world to strengthen more the relationship between demons, angels, and humans. Lucifer was then tasked by Diavolo to choose among the documents of students he had given. Lucifer chose the peculiar student that he first saw. "Cale Henituse, 18 years old. . . from Sout...

  • From one to three (TCF fanfic)
    7.7K 574 4

    Cale Henituse got another deal He will regress to when he was 4 years old Cale accepted it and he is now in his 4 years old body but not just that he got a baby brother who is called Kim A few years later when Cale is 8 and Kim is 4 years old they somehow end up in another world or should I say another universe

  • Suffer and entertain us!
    18.8K 624 4

    Basically Totcf and Tboah reacting to cale's suffering such as him stabbing himself, the wind island test and the sealed god's test ah also me bullying tboah and rubbing the fact that Tboah world will get destroyed no matter what they do I was going to make them react to this chapters in my other reaction fic but I...

  • Let me Slack!
    176K 10.8K 25

    "You. Are you the one who hurt my human?" The dokkaebi shivered and looked at the huma-No, the being that was glaring at him. A black-haired child was glaring viciously at him with his shining, reptile, deep blue eyes. Black mana was raging around the child who was hugging someone that was coughing out liters of blood...

  • Is this goodbye?
    139K 8.5K 20

    The war is over no one really died but something is wrong here they can feel it. They feel like they lost something precious. Something seem to be missing and empty. They won the war and everything is over now but why aren't they happy. They are missing something. No. Someone. Who is this mysterious red haired person...

  • Cale Henituse: A Collection Of Stories...
    7.5K 905 9

    (A.k.a. Cale Henituse coleccionado figuras paternas...) Esta es una colecci贸n de m煤ltiples historias cortas, que pueden ser en alg煤n momento, inspiraci贸n para historias de mayor extensi贸n. Pueden presentarse tramas similares, o universos lo suficientemente parecidos entre si.