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  • Cat is My Valentine
    6.8K 224 5

    A story about how hidden jealousy can transform into a beautiful thing called LOVE Jade West is curious about Cat Valentine's odd behavior. She seeks out to find the truth, but doesn't like what she finds. Cade Fanfiction All from Jade's perspective Disclaimer: I do not own Victorious. This is just a fan story. ***Enj...

  • Stuck In Between Love and Generosity
    5.7K 125 3

    Jade, Tori and Cat have a sleepover, certain uncomfortable secrets are revealed. Mainly Jori but Cade endgame.

  • the first kiss || cade (#wattpride)
    11.5K 355 13

    highest ranking: #1 in cade ~ Jade West is known as the bad girl of Hollywood Arts. Many are terrified of her. Her closest friend is Cat Valentine, a perky redhead who's kind to everyone. Slowly, Jade begins to realise that she's in love with Cat. Why? Well, people fall in love in mysterious ways. ~ Bad descriptio...

  • Dancing In The Rain (Cade oneshot)
    740 19 1

  • My little Valentine [Victorious] [Cade]
    1.2K 44 1

    Jade West hates Valentines Day. Valentines Day is Cat Valentine's favourite holiday. Now if only she could find the perfect gift for her grumpy girlfriend. This is a Cade [Cat/Jade] story. The lovely world of Victorious belongs to the genius known as Dan Schneider and his associates.