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  • Her Unread Poem's
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    just a collection random thoughts written By:CHASERinDARK

  • Come At Me, Alpha
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    "I never really wondered what dying felt like, but I thought it would hurt more to be honest. It just feels like floating through time and space, everything dark yet comforting. The thought that everything was going to be okay passed through my mind. So I guess this is what dying feels like." Tyler Calypso, a goofy hu...

  • Past Memories
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    "Don't speak of Bradley Isaac the Great." I pulled a disgusted face, "You named it ?" "The initials spell B.I.G." "REALLY! Like I wanted to know that?!" ------ Rae and Mason. Two werewolves; one Alpha, one tomboy. Cliché right? Wrong. With memory loss because of a dark being in the past and because of what's running t...

  • Marriage by Agreement, Focus on Participation [MTL] (Completed)
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    This is not my work, for offline purpose only. All Credits belongs to the author and google translate machine. (this is pure gg trans means poor quality, grammar errors, not edited etc...)

  • Trolls World Tour: Forever My Queen
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    Many years before Queen Barb set out to destroy all music, Princess Roxanne of the Hard Rock trolls didn't know where she fit in. She loved Rock n' Roll just as much as the next Rock Troll, but she also loved other music, too. However, after a group of other Rockers destroyed all of her music in a single night, she ra...

  • Alone Until I Met You (Completed)
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    She has survived. For twenty years she has been running through the woods with the sole purpose of finding a pack that will take her in. Only problem is that no pack in their right minds would take in a scrawling unmated weakling like her. However, what she lacks in strength she makes up with determination. She is set...