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  • Кьюриосити
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  • Дом солнца
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    Пока светло, мы ещё храбрые. Ну а дальше что? (с) Оригинал работы находится на Книге фанфиков -

    2.7M 152K 64

    New parts every week on Fridays at 10PM ET ***** It's the day of visitors. But the visitors to Sin-si are unwelcomed, vengeful beom. Unforgotten animosity fills the air and rage collides, soaking the ground with blood. Seven boys take up their weapons to end this fight, once and for all. 7FATES: CHAKHO with BTS *****...

  • Greedy Beast
    3.3K 238 6

    In his third year at the Academy of Turnay, Yoongi learns that a newcomer named Jimin has been transferred to their group. Every turnay by that time has its own beast, but Jimin still has not release it in himself out. The Yoongi decides to help him, and hopes to tell Jimin how hes feels about him...

  • Call me Tae (Tkk)
    5.3K 270 1

    Jungkook never took virtual relationships seriously and never imagined falling in love with a girl on the RPG online forum. After three months, he finds out that the problem with virtual dating is that sometimes people aren't exactly what they say they are. And nothing hurts more than being in love with someone who d...

  • Wolf inside. Man outside
    51.2K 2.9K 31

    Jungkook was born a wolf. He is destined to remain human until he finds someone who will free him from the curse. But is there anyone who likes his human form?

  • In the language of flowers🌹
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    You can find an approach to each person, to someone the way to the heart is through the money, to someone is through the stomach, but if the object of your sympathy is a cute florist, then you need to speak to his heart in the language of flowers...