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  • Captain is Ours. Source: Valkyries [HI3]
    571K 13.7K 55

    The Captain of the Hyperion. Capable of many things, and he's very reliable when he needs to be. His daily life is quite the usual with the Valkyries and they adore him quite a lot. That's why, if someone ever tries to take him away, they won't let that happen. Because the Captain belongs to them, and no one else. Co...

  • Honkai Impact 3: The Captain's Story
    210K 4.6K 27

    I've transmigrated into the world of Honkai Impact.... as the captain?! Wait, my account also came with me?!

  • A Hope In The Flame (Female OC x Honkai Impact)
    58.9K 1K 41

    First my honkai impact fanfiction. All in the stories are non-canon, that is mean nothing will affect to the canon story inside Honkai Impact 3rd game itself. Big credits to Mihoyo & Hoyoverse

  • Flame-chasing Captain.
    37.4K 858 26

    It was April of 2017, deep within the Serbian landscape, and The Captain had been tasked with exploring a newly discovered underground base presumably connected to the Previous Era. Because of the knowledge given to him of the Previous Era by people like Tesla, Welt, and Einstein; he excepted to see nothing less than...

  • Crimson Tears
    59.6K 674 8

    Pain and Sufferings. This is all what Issei felt and accepted just for others sake. What happens when his friends ignored his feelings? What will happen when Issei decided to just endure the pain? What happens when he uses his powers just to protect his loved ones. His feelings, is not something to play with. Happened...

  • A Certain Boy in a Valkyrie Academy (Honkai Impact 3 Fanfiction)
    64.4K 1.9K 22

    [REWRITE] St. Freya Academy, a school built to help train Valkyries; girls who can wield extraordinary powers. This girls are humanity's answer to a mysterious threat called the Honkai. That said, this extraordinary powers seemed to be more compatible to female then males. But this doesn't stopped Glynne as he enrolle...

  • Another Strange Experiment
    17K 343 11

    "Mind telling me on where am I?" *Static* "Great, communications are dead and I'm surrounded with broken equipments and knocked out researchers and soldiers scattered across the room." *Sighs.* A certain Arbiter is now having a headache on this situation. "This is clearly not in the simulations." This is just an idea...

  • A New Character [Honkai Impact 3 X OC]
    158K 4.3K 101

    Meet Ray, and his sister, Lei. When they were still in school, a honkai eruption suddenly happened. But, both of them didn't turn into zombies? How is that possible?