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  • Spiderman Oneshots
    206K 5.6K 9

    An assortment of Spiderman oneshots which feature Peter Parker and many over-used prompts and ideas including: - Field trips - Reveals - Mjolnir - Meeting the avengers And many more, so please enjoy!

  • Spider-Son One Shots
    1.1M 32.2K 218

    98.99999999999999999% angst, but 100% of Spider-Man goodness. I don't own Marvel. I don't own these characters. I own the plots and storylines. I will have spoilers for all Marvel movies. Comments are 100% welcomed. Have fun, and grab that tissue box. This book is done. -- The first 150 chapters are pretty bad...

  • Iron Fam One-Shots
    109K 2.4K 26

    ‼️The Burlesque Lounge and Crossing Over have moved to their own books and are no longer in this one‼️ they will be under the same name on my profile ‼️ Mostly just Peter Parker and field trips to various places where the Avengers and co. are. Will include one shots I post onto my Tumblr @fourteendaysinaweek along wit...

  • Avengers Family
    146K 4.1K 36

    A series of oneshots featuring the Avengers acting as a family. Open for requests.

  • Peter Parker Short Stories
    291K 7.3K 39

    A bunch of stories focused on Peter Parker. Cringey, Read at your own risk. (I literally wrote this at 13, please, consider that, do not expect any good writing) You can use it as an INSPIRATION for your own works.

  • Wanna work for me kid? (MCU - IRONMAN & SPIDERMAN)
    271 14 1

    This takes place after civil war. Spiderman was not found or recruited by Ironman. Peter is 14 and just started high school. It is now only a few months after the death of Ben. May is struggling with 2 jobs and her own health conditions. Peter gets a part time job to work as a dishwasher at a restaurant with May's per...

  • Spiderman One Shots
    179K 4.6K 11

    Mainly field trip one shots! I'll make sure each one is unique and I really hope you enjoy them! I've worked really hard on this so, yeah, please like and comment, it gives me motivation and yeah that's all I have to say. *I do not own Marvel or Spider-Man*

  • Spiderson Oneshots
    71.8K 1.8K 9

    Spiderson and Irondad oneshots, simple as that.

  • Field Trips Prove Everything
    162K 3.9K 12

    Peter and Ned have to suffer just a little bit when their school gets a trip to Avengers Tower. I don't own the picture used as the cover!!!

  • Spiderman One-Shot
    654 26 1

    I do not own Spiderman or the Avengers. This is my first one shot ever, so I hope you don't massacre me.

  • Marvel and DC One - Shots
    28.6K 1.4K 35

    This is literally just 100% one shots (requests and original). Its 95% Marvel and a smidge DC bc I'm in love with the Batfam. Request info is the first chapter! Enjoy!!

  • Spider family one shots
    13K 320 20

    One shots of spiderman and avengers Mainly of the avengers finding out about spiderman Family moments Spiderson and IronDad Fem Spider man, Penny Parker

  • August 10
    189 11 1

    Peter expects him and May would do the usual for his birthday, but does he really?? ~If you don't like it, you can kindly leave~

  • Five Times Peter Parker called Tony Stark 'Dad'
    58.1K 2.6K 6

    +1 time Tony called Peter his son This stuff hits me in the honey nut feelios. I love it.

  • Endgame Special- Irondad & Spiderson (the last 10 days)
    7.4K 260 10

    As the endgame gets closer, Irondad content in the MCU as we know it will change forever. As a last toast to the current Irondad, we celebrate with a fluffy one shot everyday.

  • Spiderman ~ Oneshots
    430K 9K 34

    Title is pretty self explanatory, Peter Parker Oneshots. The other Avengers will also be in these oneshots. Takes place in Homecoming, Infinity War, Far From Home and Endgame; With the exception of a few short stories. Enjoy!

  • Spiderson and the trip
    615K 17K 34

    This is my obligatory field trip fic, full with stony, spidypool and peter being the avengers child

  • The Field Trip
    12.8K 342 2

    It's a field trip. You know. The generic "Peter goes to Stark Tower! He's embarrassed! He loves it though!" There might be more irondad/spiderson things here in the future but I'm not really sure at the moment DISCLAIMER!!! THIS BELONGS TO MARVEL ONLY THE STORYLINE IS SOMEWHAT MINE (let's face it, I have no idea who...

  • Photography, Spidey's Odd Hobby
    235 20 1

    Being a superhero is chaotic so, like any normal person, they need a hobby to keep his mind from overloading with stress.

  • Something From Nothing
    31.9K 757 28

    Peter Parker hasn't had an easy life. He was raised by HYDRA, tortured, experimented on, and trained to become a deadly assassin/spy from a young age, but Peter was never broken, he just played along until he could escape. Once he manages to escape he decides that he will take HYDRA down, but along the way, mission go...

  • Spider-Son & Iron Dad one shots
    1.8M 61.9K 210

    A whole bunch of funny, cute one shots for our favourite father-son duo in the MCU:) -- MY CONTENT AND ACCOUNT IS NOT A SAFE SPACE FOR ST*RKER SHIPPERS. THIS IS A PUBLIC AND VERY LOUD DNI. GTFO MY PAGE.

  • Irondad and Spiderson Oneshots |Requests Closed|
    195K 4.1K 43

    Basically what the title says, just some of the adventures of Ironman being a dad and also some random adventures with the avengers ;) Also to my friends who have me here, welcome to my nerdy side. You chose to deal with me so haha ;)))) THE COVER WAS MADE BY @starwolf_moon SO THANK YOU SO MUCH!! - My requests are tem...

  • Iron Dad Oneshots (Under Editing)
    870K 29.4K 88

    A collection of one shots revolving around Tony Stark having a fatherly relationship with Peter Parker.

  • Spiderson Oneshots
    213K 4.1K 50

    Some Spiderson Oneshots!! Some oneshots of our favourite Spiderson, Peter Parker! Disclaimers: 1. I do not own any of these character! They all belong to Marvel, Disney and Stan Lee! 2. Some of these stories may include spoilers to Avengers Endgame and other movies! I will put a warning at the top if it does! 3. I d...

  • Iron Dad and Spider Son One-Shots
    463K 12.4K 31

    (Discontinued) This is the place you go to if you want to see sightings of Iron Dad and Spider Son. - Some Chapters will have some father/son fluff. -Peter gets to prove to Flash that he is not lying about the internship. -He has a relationship with Michelle/MJ, Shuri, Wade or Wanda as OTP's and BROTP's (So this boo...

  • Just Another Day in the Life of Peter Parker
    6K 374 11

    Basically oneshots and short stories focused on Peter Parker and his Peter Parker life. Involves Ned being a brother figure, May being an absolute queen and MJ finally dating Peter (yes this involves Spideychelle.) Hope you enjoy! ALL OF THIS IS PG!!!! NOTHING INAPPROPRIATE!!!!!!

  • Who Is Spiderman
    21.5K 479 5

    When Peter Parker and the rest of his gym class get held hostage by a group of supervillians, Peter must decide between keeping his identity or saving everyone. Will he reveal his identity to save his friends? Or will he suffer in silence and watch as his classmates get tortured right before his very eyes.

    Completed   Mature
  • WRONG NUMBER, But Thanks For Calling?
    49.1K 1.9K 16

    •COMPLETED• Just another wrong number fanfic, but hopefully unique! Peter Parker's life is ok, not the best, but ok. After ned mistells his number, peter starts talking to tony stark, and things go from there. Peter is 16 years old, has his homecoming suit, but starts off with no AI (for like, a third of a chapter), a...

  • Spider-Man One-Shots
    134K 3.7K 17

    Just some one-shots about Peter Parker and your friendly neighborhood web slinger Spider-Man. The Spider-Man I am using is Tom Holland. **The art I used for the cover is not mine, so all credits go to the artist. Marvel and all it's characters is owned by Stan Lee.**

  • New Fame || Peter Parker
    2.9K 190 5

    Peter is kidnapped in "unconventional" ways - "Peter woke up confused and disoriented. He felt like he could sleep for days if he wanted to, but he forced his eyes open anyway, only to be met with the sight of a completely empty cell with grey, cement walls. It took him a minute to register the intense feeling of cold...