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  • Everything You Need to Know - PALESTINE
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    An informative guide to understanding the situation in Palestine. I do not claim ownership of any multimedia referenced in this book-- attribution and sources provided as always. Astoria E Greene

  • about the lgbta wiki
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    tw for rape mentions, lesbiphobia, racism, ableism I hate books with vague titles like this but I don't know how to get people's attention otherwise

  • What's Happening In South Africa
    1.5K 152 9

    PLEASE share with whoever you can, on and off of Wattpad

  • Mexico Femicides
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    2.6K 328 2

    Please share and let the world out. Colombians are being killed. SPREAD AWARENESS!!!

    35.4K 4.3K 2

    this isn't aesthetic idc it's important. please read and share. don't stay silent.

  • Pls read very important!!!!
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    Pls read this and boost even tho my country is shitty if you look there are still good people and those people need saving

  • novelhd
    5.2K 295 3

    lets talk about novelhd for a second and bring awareness to this

  • How Normalizing Abuse Harms Us
    1.9K 225 5

    Or, why you shouldn't write a rape scene just for funzies in your erotic fanfic and then block survivors who call you out. Yes, I'm fucking pissed.

    Completed   Mature
  • Dark Side Of Wattpad
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    Different dreams, one app Writers and readers from various parts of the world. An app that attracts people to read and write But, nobody knows what's inside of it. Beware the things that seem bright also have darkness deep inside, and that darkness is the thing that kills you from inside. And makes you follow the...

    Completed   Mature