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  • saliva
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    poems that spill out my heart and give you my soul. these are personal poems but if they move you, please share in the comments.

  • las miseria,
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    words that touch the hearts of the heartless.

    Completed   Mature
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    breathe with one another

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    women turn into the man who ruined them. © plutodrafts

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    My school of indifference opened and never closed; I remained its only student. BORN IN BABYLON is a collection of short essays, fragments, prose, creative nonfiction, and other miscellany regarding Blackness, womanhood, memory, identity, and America. Highest Ranking: #1 in essays © z. t. corley, 2024

  • lusting for more kinda whore
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    they almost had got me. a thirteen part hell-deep.

  • all my stars
    2.9K 566 16

    very old pieces i wrote/ some make sense/ some don't/ some i hate/ and some i feel rather attached to/ either way/ they needed a place to rest. this is a collection of whatever it was or maybe continue to be. © starnished 2020

  • your hand in mine, my heart in yours.
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    i can love you, that's all i can do and hope it's enough, enough to make you stay, enough to be something to you. © starnished 2020

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    you've left me; constellations left unstrung within my veins. highest ranking; #2 in poetry november 2018

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    words strung together like stars to form constellations and galaxies resembling poetry. - all rights reserved.

  • quaintrelle
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    poems where i appreciate the feelings my friends make me feel, the sad things that make my heart tougher, and the days filled with youth

  • meraki. ✓
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    An excerpt of one's mind. © Sri. 2017 highest:#41 in poetry

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    it has been 6 years since our last night in paris. now, the words escape my fingers like smeared paint on sleeves and letters left unmailed.

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    there's bravery in being soft

  • his nonchalant coex
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    shes still trying to regain her rotted submissive affections

  • breakfast in bed
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  • champagne vomit
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    volcano brain

  • earth swallows
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    poems and hauntings for unloveable girls.

  • dad's cigarettes
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    where i hide you in the vastness of the universe.

  • sun in my mouth | poetry √
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    i'll make sure to record love how i think should be felt

  • MOON BRIDE - poetry
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    To me you are the moon , moving the tides of my tears , a god , a witness ,wounded , an infidel , basking ever so brightly .

  • Dogteeth ౨ৎ Poetry
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    I get mean when i'm nervous like a bad dog Poetry Collection, ©rottenpoetry

  • youth
    144 36 5

    the things i dare not to talk about anthology/poem collection

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    being a kid sucks, nobody listens to you 2024 © imogenhues

  • ring pops and cigs
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    the cigarettes won't save me now. yet, the lungkiller sits mercifully between my teeth to grant me a temporary bliss in exchange for my health. it's not like i'm going to live forever. OR i've glitterglued my bones together and taped my eyes open; you're everywhere in my mind and the veins in my heart (whatever's lef...

  • in which
    6.5K 473 31

    anthology of teenage destruction.

    9.5K 515 22

    graced poetic rambles & what-not. lower-case intended.

  • the rose comes with thorns
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    what drew your attention to this book? was it the delicate red rose on the cover? ... or was it its thorns? yes, the rose is daintily alluring, but you will only notice the thorns once you take a closer look. i like to imagine my poetry as this thorned rose, my carefully arranged words as its delicate petals: its beau...