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  • when winter arrives
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    winter changes a lot of things. the forest sings hymns of a frozen country, the ice shields our forgotten memories, blue seas have long to journey before they turn to mist, these are the days from an artist's messy canvas, the pine trees are covered in snow, fire-place afternoons and time that slows, the story-tales...

  • Ephemera | poetry
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    being only sad wasn't enough this heart wanted itself beautifully destroyed. ° ranging from december 2020 to february 2021.

  • Heartsease
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    ( Featured ) Heartsease - peace of mind. The one where I organize the plethora of words residing somewhere in the corner of my mind in a muddle into what we call poetry. ~ ➳ Featured on @WattpadPoetry [07-02-22] , @WattpadAnthologies [03-11-20] & @WattpadAsianFantasies [06-08-22 ] ➳ Wattpad India Awards 2020 Winner...

  • Roots Before Branches
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    "I found solace in open love, And for that I know I am enough". Written across Europe, this poetry collection is all about self-love, self-acceptance, change, fear and creativity. 💕🌱 Now available on paperback. | The Poetry Contest Top 20 Winner |

  • 2.0 | tacenda
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    tacenda: things better left unsaid; matters to be passed over in silence . . . It's my pleasure to be inviting you to the inside: a compilation of poems I wrote and still do whenever my mind refuses to focus. It's a stupor-inducing blur, but it's also exhilarating to know that maybe you are worth it after all. To know...

  • Unworthy Silences
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    There are some feelings which can't be expressed. Some feelings, that can't be addressed. The unknown melancholy, the untimely ecstasy. The heartbreak of a song, Or a love that went wrong. These feelings have no rooting source, no refined cause. But at the same, they should not be left unsaid. These are those feelings...

  • The Black Dahlias You left Me | poetry
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    'nd one day the past seemed meaningless while memories became shallow enough to be erased - in that moment my heart ached for peace - in that moment my heart yearned to live. ° ranging from april to may 2021.

  • Foreigners of Reality | Poetry
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    ❝If we are made of the same energy created in the Big Bang, and have existed ever since, why do we still feel like foreigners of reality?❞

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    ‪BOHEMIA 🌷🌼‬ ‪An abstraction of creativity. ‬ ‪Deeply rooted in the harrowing aspects of the human condition, my twelfth poetry collection, 'BOHEMIA' is a darker yet stark, poetic exploration of nature versus nurture through a poetry collection rife in love, loneliness, trauma and grief. ‬ Bohemia is a landscape; be...

  • Hiraeth
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    Capricious feelings.

  • In... Wonderland
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    Welcome, we are all mad here In... Wonderland. ♠️🃏🤍 'In... Wonderland' is my thirteenth full length poetry collection, written specifically with themes of surrealism, folklore and fairytales in mind. These poems transport you to a whimsical, story-driven world in which the clouds swirl in dazzling neon colors, river...

  • Muted Tears
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    A collection of poems written with the translucent ink of all the tears that were never shed. - Highest rank #64 in poetry on 8/10/2020.

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    let me take you to the place from where you can see children's hands stretching up to the sky from the ferris wheel, let me take you to my daydreams. let me show you the world as orion sees. writing : [2021] feb 18 (2'14 pm) - july 25 (2'30 pm). posting : [2021] apr 17 (12'34 pm) - nov 19 (12'40 pm). mas ; mypoematt...

  • My love for words
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    Copyright© 2021 by @Sofia7Elliott/wattapad. All rights reserved.This book or any portion thereof may not be produced mechanically or electronically. This book is only available on wattapad. If available on other sites must be reported to @Sofia7Elliott. Cover by _poets_ Warning: if you find yourself reading this book...

  • words don't come that easy.
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    I've tried. but i've always failed to contain these thousand words in a few sentences, maybe im bad at expressing macro feelings in the few words that I'm limited to. you might think you know me enough because it's been a long time since i first waved at you and the love for the same artist started our very first conv...