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  • the god hunt
    3K 558 48

    There are three reasons why Annie is different: First, she woke up naked in a room full of corpses. Second, she can see winged creatures hovering in the sky. And third, a mysterious young man calls her 'master'. As she's told to enter Eli Academia, what will she find within its walls? Answers? Or more questions? Trut...

  • Lizzie of the North (Yrsoreth Chronicles 2)
    22.9K 2.9K 63

    Stories of how to survive as an evil duke's daughter are nothing new. But then fate just had to, really had to, put Lizzie at the center of such repetitive chaos, with nothing but cuteness and wits as her weapon. ༒♛♔ ♛༒ Lizzie survived a burning orphanage at six. She lived as a thief in the slums until eight. Now almo...

  • Diana Of Alcotta (Yrsoreth Chronicles 1)
    125K 9K 62

    To make your beloved a king-it's either you die or he does. ༒♛♔ ♛༒ Diana knows the future. She also knew that her engagement to Alexander, the bastard second prince, was a scheme to limit his influence for the throne. "I shall make you king," she swore to him. But to change his future, she mustn't change hers-Lady Dia...

  • Color Me Red (A Vampire Romance)
    644K 18.5K 62

    Living a miserable life, Gabrielle's only wish is for everything to end. But her world turns upside down when she crosses paths with the noble vampire, Damien Roşu. As she uncovers secrets and recovers past memories, Gabrielle must make her choice--even if it might not be the best for their kind. *** As a girl with a...

  • Holy Sinners (Sinners 2)
    433K 11.3K 39

    Chaos ensues when the Mafia's Adam meets The Commission's Eve. But when lines are crossed and boundaries are blurred, the two of them get a bargain that's more than just a partnership. Passion and bullets don't mix well--it burns like hell. How long can they resist the heat? *** Eve5 will do anything for her own selfi...

  • Royal Sinners (Sinners 1)
    1.3M 48.5K 74

    After witnessing the death of her mother, Hanna Mamori has lived as quietly as she could. But when she gets tangled up with the mafia once more and she discovers that things are far more complicated than she thought, will Hanna be strong enough to face the ugly truth? ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Something Beautiful
    282K 567 25

    A friend's betrayal earned Umi a terrible reputation and the fear of being touched. She didn't mind. She was numb to the pain and loved the solitude. Yet, in her heart, she held unto a memory to keep herself sane: The night she decided to die but ended spending with the boy she loved. Then she disappeared at sunrise. ...