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  • Maid For You 2
    973K 53.6K 56

    Cassie used to think that her life as a maid for the terribly gorgeous Prince Coleman was complicated. She had no idea what was coming. Now with the crafty Queen Klara showing favor towards her, Cassie must navigate through the waters of nobility, class, and social elevation all while keeping up with her duties as a m...

  • Mr. Ceo & I
    12.7M 461K 55

    Highest Ranking: # 15 in Romance on August, 5, 2018 Highest Ranking: #1 in CEO on December, 15,2018 Highest Ranking#1 in Interracial January,10,2020 Asher, is the cocky, arrogant, rude, and closed off Ceo of The National Elect Industries. He works hard for what he wants. He has everything he needs except one thing...

  • Devotionals
    10.6K 1.5K 78

    These Christian devotionals cover many topics to get you thinking and to further your walk with God, and hopefully, to grow you spiritually. We write of everyday struggles, how to get through certain situations that life throws at you, and a slew of other topics! You're welcome to come here for encouragement, deeper i...

  • Maid For You 4
    403K 30.4K 99

    She started with an apron, she'll end with a crown. ~Maid For You series finale~

  • Maid For You 3
    752K 49.4K 80

    In the aftermath of the Autumn Festival, Cassie must face the wrath of her peers, but perhaps even more frightening, she must face Prince Coleman again. Fortunately, Cassie has a cute butler on her side...and a few new friends.

  • 30 Days of Daily Grace
    15.7K 969 34

    30 DAYS OF DAILY GRACE is a 30-day devotional. It covers Biblical anxiety and fear issues, transitions in life, waiting and processes, relationships, becoming into the person God wants you to be, to love like Christ, and how to glorify the Lord in every aspect of our lives. Each day is composed of a Bible verse, a ref...

  • Let God be the author
    49.1K 5.5K 54

    Elisha is a loving and tender- hearted Christian girl who is a freshman at university, doing her first year in medicine. Every guy on campus is mesmerized by her natural beauty but she gives none of them attention. All she cares about is finishing her course and making her mom proud, NO DISTRACTIONS. She treasures not...

  • Let God Be The Author: Chapter 2
    14.3K 1.5K 51

    Marriage has never been an easy thing, especially when you're the wife of a famous sport star whom millions of women throw themselves at. It gets even worse once the media is always in your business and taking pictures of you every minute. After Elisha and Ben stepped onto the marriage wagon, life had never been so pe...

  • I'm A God Girl
    54.2K 3.3K 38

    I thought to myself, I could not possibly be the only teenage girl out there who wants to grow deeper and stronger in faith. I could not possibly be the only teenage girl out there who is struggling in living the Christian life. There has got to be other teenage people out there who can relate with what I am going thr...

  • A Butler To Love ~A Christian Romance
    124K 18.3K 65

    #1 safelove #30 Spiritual, #1 Christianromance, #1 richgirl Haunted by a past and burdened with debt, Wren Adams sees no other choice than to accept his benefactor's offer: to protect his daughter for a year. But from the moment he steps onto the Kingsley Mansion grounds, comedic sparks fly between he and his new...

  • A Christian Romance
    23.1K 2.6K 41

    Debora is a girl who fulfills her dream of living in Australia. She is a mature and devout Christian, who is swearing off men, but when she bumps into a church and meets Adam, her walls begin to crumble. Adam had just been diagnosed with a terminal disease, but kept that secret from everyone. The moment he began to li...

  • Maid For You
    2.1M 96.3K 58

    "GET OUT!" After kicking an egotistical, rude (albeit gorgeous) jerk out of her store, Cassie thinks she's seen the last of him. Too bad he's a prince. And that she's his maid.