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  • Ten Shadows blessing this wonderful world.
    5.4K 247 8

    After the unfortunate accident, Y/n L/n is now reincarnated into another world with the Ten Shadows cursed technique. The journey in another world will be full of adventures, mysteries to solve, battles to fight and sights to see, and this time, he won't be alone to witness it all. Bringing out full potential of one o...

  • Reincarnated as Gojo Satoru
    22.2K 416 4

    ✒︎Sadly, all things come to an end... However, some Idiot ended too early and ended up in limbo at the same time as another teen who died. But he's clearly not as dumb as his fellow male as he picked a power above powers and became the strongest without even trying. This book is for fun, updates won't be coherent.

  • In this wonderful world with the blessing of God of war
    20.5K 633 30

    Kazuma takes a cheat with him Thats it you can figure other stuff out yourself Also There will be kazumin (Starting 2 chaps are similar to canon but it gets better later on)

  • A new life
    6.3K 213 4

    Sung Jin woo, the monarch of death, previously a normal human has no family left. It has been a century since his return from the chaos world and in this period he has had a family, had a life as a police officer and lived a wonderful life with Cha Hae-In. Now he is the only one left and earth holds no meaning for him...

  • Beast's Tamer - [Konosuba Fanfiction]
    15K 243 6

    Having died and reincarnated with a useless goddess and a shut-in NEET wasn't something Takahashi Riku expected. But... it wasn't like he cares that much, right? #1 in Konosuba 24/11/20 Disclaimer! Konosuba is not owned by me, only the story and OCS does! Also, I would try to write with a new style, so hopefully it...

  • Sin Of Wrath (Sdsx konosuba) Being Rewitten
    2.4K 16 1

    What happens when a Young boy dies and wishes to be the sin of wrath

  • Konosuba X Lightning User Male Reader
    531K 10.4K 62

    An average run-of-the-mill male finds himself in an unfamiliar world. He's been tasked with defeating the Demon King, but first must defeat the Generals that uphold the barrier to his castle. Will this new adventurer prevail or will he fall to the burdens that wait him?

  • An Act of Badassery In this Wonderfully Blessed World
    12.4K 333 18

    Basically, Kazuma is a Gaming Nerd, but is also good at academics. Still hated school tho. Watch as he combine his knowledge on both Gaming and His Otherworldly Knowledge and his Team to make his way to the top and defeat the Demon King! (I know cringy summary lol... I cant think of anything.)