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  • Maybe One Day (George Weasley x Reader)
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    Everyone kept talking about them getting married, it felt like it had been a long time coming but George Weasley had never imagined it would play out this way whilst a war raged on outside his window.

  • Ouat x One Shots
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    One shots of the characters from Once Upon A Time. Will be doing the boys but also the girls from Ouat!✨ And I will only use Y/N because I personally think thats more fun to read. I hope y'all will enjoy them!❤️ xx Melissa (ouatxqueens on Instagram )

  • Harry James Potter x Reader One Shots
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    I honestly thought I would only be in this app to read stories, but I felt very inspired lately to write. So, this will be a collection of one shots inspired by the scenarios I make in my head with Harry James Potter in order to fall asleep hahahah This story is a Harry x y/n feminine reader. The pronouns used are sh...