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  • Annihilation.......... (Mecha Godzilla reader X RWBY) {COMPLETED]
    63.5K 982 34

    This is about a boy who has the entire world against him. What would happen if he went down a path that not even pure evil can determine.

    Completed   Mature
  • There's a Ghost in the Machine
    195K 2.3K 26

    There is a boy who has lost his parents in the life on industry, rigged from the attack of the White Fang. When the son was adopted by a family, it had gotten worse. He had been treated as a nobody for no apparent reason, and only used effectively as a person that feels pain. As it continues, he was shot in the heart...

  • Son of A Intergalactic Tyrant: Son of Frieza Male Reader x RWBY x Dragon Ball
    29.6K 387 8

    Lord-in-training Y,N was a prodigy much like his tyrannical father Frieza, near limitless potential and destructive capabilities ran through the spawn of Frieza's veins, something that Frieza had enjoyed and appreciated towards his son....well if his son did disappoint him there would be no point in keeping him around...

  • Multi-Dimensional Disaster (Rivet x Male Reader)
    101K 1.5K 22

    ***THIS STORY IS NOT COMPLETE. I AM TAKING A MENTAL HEALTH BREAK*** Meet Y/N, your average, coffee-addicted and broke college student desperately trying to hold onto his day job and complete his Computer Information Systems course. Because his friends are out of town, he's alone in his village residence, but when stra...

  • The Goddesses Son (Anthro MLP x OC)
    25.2K 292 6

    An adventure-based of friendship and Magic, Helping ponies around and showing them kindness, we follow the story of Shadow Harmonia Star. A stallion born from the goddess of Equestria herself Harmonia, While shadow brought happiness and joy to all the ponies in the land he also made lots of enemies that tried to kill...

  • A F**ked up Adventure (Male OC X Dragon Ball Z Abridged)
    7.5K 152 14

    Follow the adventure of Zane, Goki, and the rest of the crew on a very fucked up adventure. They will fight lots of people, they will eat lots of muffins, and they will break the laws of physics like it's no one's business. They will also kick the shit out of lots of people... Muffin button...

  • The Last Original Prime(Transformers Prime x Male 14th Prime OC)
    9.9K 151 3

    A long time ago a war between two brothers broke out one wanted to control everything and one was fighting to keep everything at peace. Even though the younger created life and helped them to thrive and care for each other, it still wasn't enough to keep them from fighting each other and creating two separate factions...

  • Red Vs Blue X Male Reader
    11.4K 182 5

    (Y/n) was assigned to Blood Gulch on Blue team and along the way many adventures and actions await for our friends.

  • Red Vs Blue: BloodGulch Chronicles(Malereader insert)(paused)
    49.9K 1.2K 25

    You're a part of red team, and you'll be around for the adventures the two teams have.

  • Guardian From The Rift (Rivet x Male Reader)
    38.6K 647 11

    Whilst investigating a Hive ritual, a Hunter named Y/N gets flung from his dimension into a new and unfamiliar one. There, he has no way of getting back to his dimension, has no help/contact with the Vanguard, and his Ghost Luna is out of commission. Now, he must make his own path in this unfamiliar galaxy. Will he ma...

  • Naruto Uzumaki-Constantine the Hellblazer
    4.4K 79 3

    Naruto Uzumaki the decendent and reincarnation of John Constantine. When Naruto was reading the Forbidden scroll he noticed a small magic circle on the far left hand corner when Naruto touched the magic circle he came face to face with John Constantine the Hellblazer. John grabbed the boy's head yelling a spell that's...

  • naruto: the boiling needle (ADOPTED) (REWRITE)
    50K 891 8

    naruto posesses the boil release bloodline ability of the hidden mist. one day naruto was wandering outside the village where he meets one of the seven swordsman of the hidden mist village.kushimaru kuriarare. he was traveling the nation's searching for an apprentice to eventually inherit his infamous sword nuibari...

  • The Neglected Son: Izuku Yagi
    65.1K 800 7

    Other kids thought that being a child of the Number One Hero would be great, but no thats not what izuku has gone through. "Neglected" "Bullied" "Abused" Izuku:Is this how heroes are now?, a bunch of cowards who preys on the weak, what a beast!, this world needs CHANGE! This society must CRUMBLE!, This world needs a R...

  • A Man that Summon Monsters (Pokemon Trainer x RWBY)
    66.2K 1.1K 25

    DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT CLAUM TO OWN ANYTHING USED IN THIS STORY. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO ORIGINAL OWNERS. One day in the Kalos Region, a 18 year old Poke'mon Trainer named (Y/n) is training with his beloved Pokemon, when he is plucked from his world and dropped into another where people live in fear of real monsters...

  • Girls Frontline + Azur Lane X Reader [Writers Block]
    25.3K 310 9

    Do you think songbirds hate hummingbirds because they don't know the lyrics?

  • The Cyberized Twins of Remnant: Android 17 Male Reader x RWBY Harem
    13.2K 218 5

    Y,N had a terrible and twisted sense of luck when it came to his life. Firstly he became an orphan at age five alongside his twin sister Lazuli after their parents perished during a Grimm attack, secondly they were forced to survival through the rough and unforgiving streets of Vale, and finally before their lives com...

  • [18+] Two-Faced (M! Reader x RWBY)
    18.7K 310 14

    Bleh...Idk for description. I don't own any pics, gif, or videos. They belong to their owners. #1 in love quarrel 6/16/2021 And yes, this is a Cinder x male reader x Yang story.

  • Senran Kagura - Uprising (Male Reader)
    1K 26 1

    The world of Shinobi is under threat of being exposed once again, so the Evil Shinobi resort to drastic measures. They kidnap anyone who so much as glances in their direction, and extorts the person to be a Shinobi, or die.

  • (DISCONTINUED) Don't Blink
    2.2K 42 2

    After an attack on Piccadilly by Sangvis Ferri T-Dolls, Sergeant Y/N L/N, AKA Joker, is tasked to help a private military contractor known as Griffin & Kryuger hunt down the main aggressors of the attack.

  • (DISCONTINUED) Senran Kagura - Peach Beach Splash
    5.4K 48 3

    When the Shinobi girls are transported to Peach Beach Island once again, they think to turn to Sayuri, but the old woman is nowhere to be found... They go back to having their water gun shootouts, but something just doesn't feel right.

  • (DISCONTINUED) Senran Kagura - Genderbent
    3.1K 31 2

    One day, while relaxing at Peach Beach Stadium, Y/N is hexed by an unknown person, and is turned into a young woman. When his friends find out, all Hell breaks loose.

  • (DISCONTINUED) Senran Kagura - Adult Movie Stars (Senran Kagura X Male Reader)
    27.3K 463 7

    Y/N and his friends Katsuragi, Hibari, Yagyuu, Asuka, and Ikaruga, are strapped for cash. One day, while going home from a hellish part-time job, Y/N is approached by a woman who has an interest in his appearance, and decides to make him an offer...

    Completed   Mature
  • (DISCONTINUED) Senran Kagura - A Mother's Heart
    9.3K 203 4

    One day when Y/N is shopping in the market, the Shinobi of Hebijo show up, and challenge him to a battle. Ryoubi messes up one of her Jutsus, and is left with a new task.

  • (DISCONTINUED) Senran Kagura - Reform
    35.1K 568 9

    Y/N is a young man that has been wronged by every woman and girl he has ever met. Because of this, he has gained a very bitter and distasteful attitude towards any member of the opposite sex. He is recruited by Hanzo, and must learn to cooperate with the young women of the Hanzo Elite.

  • (DISCONTINUED) Senran Kagura - Superhero
    2K 30 4

    After the events of SOT, each group returns to their own dimension. After a while, however, an anomaly that smells awful creates a rift in the universe once again. But this time, it is the other side that gets to see the other party's world.

  • Hanzo National - Mini Scenarios (Senran Kagura X Male Reader)
    5.9K 110 4

    Mini scenarios of you and the girls of Hanzo National Academy.

  • Y/n's Life
    71.6K 745 12

    It's another day at Union Academy where our protagonist Y/n L/n attended being the only student his classmates deemed weak. That made him a target to the bullies of the school which was the ORC, Team SSSN, CRDL, Some of Class 1-A, Sasuke, Sakura, and Team RWBY. But one day, everyone is teleported to a mysterious theat...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Scroll Of Youth (Senran Kagura X Male Reader)
    25.6K 387 6

    Kagura comes to Hanzo Academy, and presents the Elite shinobi with a scroll. She wants them to tell her what it does, and they read the scroll. Unbeknownst to them, the scroll has an extraordinary effect. When Y/N finds them, he has a new task put on his shoulders...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wayward Son [Discontinued]
    18.4K 302 9

    That moment is burned into my mind. I don't remember my mother's face much less who is my father. The only thing I remember is her figure waving goodbye to me as I was carried away moving farther away from her until I couldn't see her anymore. Disclaimer: I do not own star wars it belongs to it rightful owner and comp...