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  • Fairy Tail Tempest Inferno
    400K 8.1K 54

    As a last ditch effort by Kaguya. Kaguya shoved Naruto into an Inter-dimensional portal which landed him onto the world of magic. follow our number one knucklehead and the most unpredictable ninja on his adventure, learn lost magic from mysterious book, and becomes god slayer. Will he ever go back? or will he stay wit...

  • Draconic Eminence in Shadow (Dxd)
    24.8K 300 8

    As children, many individuals fantasize about being a hero and all the accompanying glory. However, as they grow older, these aspirations often fade away, and they forget about their dreams. Yet, there are instances where those who yearned to be heroes were subjected to injustice throughout their lives, causing their...

  • The Almighty Control Sorcerer (Picture Edition)
    6.8K 198 6

    After being eaten by Denji, Makima thought she was done for. To be erased or at the very least lose her millenniums of memory throughout her life. But when she wakes up in an alleyway dumpster completely fine, she'll explore the world to find that it's a bit different than her original. (From the Original Fanfiction.n...

  • Jujutsu Kaisen; Reaction
    5K 121 2

    Anime reacting to Jujutsu Kaisen: Love is war, Quintessential quintuplets, Hyouka, Aobuta, Oregairu, and JJK characters themselves. Feel free to suggest other anime characters. I don't own JJK or any of these series

  • The Shadow Connection: Meeting of Opposites
    6.2K 219 6

    [Cid Kagenou x Kiryuin Fuka]. (COTE) Summary: A boy who wants to live his life quietly as an extra and a girl who caught his eye because of her intuition What could go wrong? * * * Author's words: Good writing, but I'm a bit bad at writing romance. This would be my tenth COTE fic 😂. 🥇1# Fuka

  • Fate stay/BERSERK (Book 2)
    82.4K 4.3K 63

    Word spreads throughout Britain of a man known as the Black Swordsman. Mountains of corpses are left in his wake........this, is his story.

  • Hybrid in DXD
    9.7K 146 16

    Ichigo's adventures as he reincarnates into the world of DXD and become a God. Follow his journey in a world which is similar yet very different from his own.

  • God among Devils
    801 19 3

    Sequel to Hybrid in DXD

  • The Holy Man of The Church Creek
    71K 1.9K 62

    He was an anomaly not meant to be in this world, yet fate would deem otherwise. After all, the fate of the world just may hang in the balance. Made by: Parcasious

  • The Eminence In Nazarick
    2.2K 96 4

    What if Cid, aka Lord Shadow, found someone else, something else, that isn't Alpha and the other Shades~

  • Ayanokouji-The tutor
    6K 422 4

    This time, Ayanokouji will be in quints school. And he will tutor. I don't own Classroom of the Elite nor quintessential quintuplets. They both belong to their respective authors.

  • The Unsung Hero
    278K 2.8K 5

    The S-class heroes have been taken to watch One Punch Man, a show about the C-class hero Saitama. Not only that, but their also going to watch the future! Will they be able to over come future dangers? Will they accept Saitama into their ranks? Rated T because I'm paranoid about this stuff, and because it's my first f...

  • Three Thousand Years
    764 16 3

    Both Meliodas and Zeldris were sealed away by the Goddess race after loosing in the Holy War. After three thousand years the seal gotten weaker, allowing them to be free. After breaking free they realized the world around them has change and they must soon adapt to this new world and new people. I do not own Seven Dea...

  • Rising Of the Shield Hero: Journey Revealed
    130K 1.8K 33

    Months after having his name cleared, Naofumi, his group as well as several others are summoned to watch his journey.

    Completed   Mature
  • Code Geass Reacts: The Blame Game
    68.9K 1.4K 19

    Reaction fic. A set of three discs are given to C.C by a mysterious woman. Old and new faces meet to see the truth behind Lelouch vi Britannia. Chaos erupts. Any art or other media used do NOT belong to me, and the same applies to Code Geass.

  • Ayanokouji-kun- What is love?
    30.5K 1.3K 8

    Ayanokouji in Shuuchiin, guys. Credits to @Omoshiroi12 for the cover

  • Choke me harder KiyoDaddy
    42.7K 1.2K 13

    Mhm you seem human...enough, so I guess I can at least explain it to you. At least that is, if you are willing to listen. Mio Ibuki was in her first year of high school when she found her first love. It was one sided and laughed at, the guy wasn't even in her class for crying out loud! Nonetheless, Mio could help but...

  • Classroom of Elite 2nd Year Volume 5 ( Completed)
    293K 1.1K 24

    Disclaimer: The original work belongs to Kinugusa Syougo. This is just a English translation of the real work.

    Completed   Mature
  • Death Note DXD: A Male Reader x Highschool DxD
    333K 4.1K 28

    Y/n, son of Ryuk. Yes, the same Ryuk that dropped the death note Kira used onto the Earth. Y/n was raised with the humans, not with shinigami, but always knew about his family through the letters his father sends him, as well as his own death note and weapon, the scythe of Decay, his sacred gear. Y/n is moving to Kuoh...

  • Ayanokoji Kiyotaka Of Class A
    81.6K 1.4K 25

    In this fic, Ayanokoji kiyotaka will be in class A not in class D This is also the first fic of mine and I was really interested so I decided to make a fic, feel free to criticize and last but not least this will be a Kiyo X ___ ship find out who it is I am kidding it will be Arisu cuz I like her or you could also s...

  • COTE: one shots and reactions (Permanent Hiatus)
    22.2K 420 5

    This is my first time writing on Wattpad (cliche line) I'll just write whatever comes to my mind. Criticism is accepted and your opinions will be helpful The characters in the story belong to the author of COTE

  • Cross My Heart.. (OP dabi x highschool dxd)
    42.8K 427 14

    touya was a baby born with an extraordinary ability THE POWER OF CREMATION, a fire that burns even hotter than the sun, whaf happens when hes born in a world with devils and fallen angels?

  • The King of King's (Male Gilgamesh reader x Highschool DXD)
    159K 2.8K 19

    You know the drill, a guy name Y/n L/n get killed, he got reincarnated and bla bla bla.

  • Beyond the human limit: COTE x Attack on Titan
    68.8K 3.1K 11

    Ayanokōji Kiyotaka, a second-year student of Advanced Nurturing High School. After finishing the second exam of the uninhabited island. He finds himself stranded in a world of terror and injustice. In spite of that, could he have the peaceful life that he has wanted so much?

  • Revelation Of An Ordinary Life
    788K 21.8K 78

    Status. Expectations. Peacefulness. All of these three were things Ayanokouji Kiyotaka was trying to keep constant. He aimed to temper them and keep them all in check, but it's pointless now. His peaceful life he aimed to protect has crumbled into dust, so how will he traverse through a world without the constants he...

  • COTE Reactions: A Huge Mistake.
    141K 3.2K 13

    Ayanokouji was living his dream life as an average student, until he decided to try out a Visual Novel that was recommended by Ike. One thing led to another, and now he is being blackmailed into all of Year 2 learning about his past or admitting that he played a lewd novel for at least an hour. Follow Year 2 as they l...

  • Y/n And The Supernatural Misunderstanding
    96.3K 2.2K 31

    (Y/n) (L/n) Is Your Average Everyday Guy,He goes to School,Has Some Friends And Even A Normal Family,He's just Average Except That Does Role-Play Once In Awhile And Has Abnormal Good Luck And A Guy Who writes Fantasy Stories But How Would He Feel If he Learned The Supernatural Is Real And Everyone Of them even Gods Th...

  • Classroom of the Elite: True self [On Hold]
    35.1K 1.6K 9

    My name is Ayanokouji Kiyotaka. There are many of those who claim to understand who I am... What I am. None of them do. Not even me. Worry not, though. My high-school life is just getting started. So try and unravel me if you will. Disclaimer: I do not own Classroom of The Elite, the rights of the novel belong to Syo...

  • Epic of the Other Overlord
    105K 1.6K 18

    "I don't want a hard life where I have to cultivate my power, I want to be adventurous but will always be safe so I will choose the world of Overlord and develop my level to 100 or beyond before the start of the new world" This is the story of the man who died and didn't want to live a hard life and just wanted advent...