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  • Aaa High (fiolee highschool romance)
    31K 661 35

    This story is about a girl name Fionna moving to a new town after her mom and dad die, she goes to a highschool and meets new friends and enemy's but is there love between the two? Can she survive highschool and does she even know what she's getting herself into? Keep reading to find out and please vote and comment! T...

  • Put out The Flames ~*An Adventure Time Fan fiction*~
    9.1K 116 6

    A tear of the cyclops is the only cure of anything, even an physically unstable innocent girl. Finn and Jake cured the Flame Princess and made her stabilized , who changed her name into Faimeta (meaning is Flame) realizing she's not a princess anymore. Meanwhile, Fire and Water Kingdom are starting a war which Fire Ki...

  • Let's Try Something New (FIOLEE)
    11.4K 216 24

    You have come here to read the story of loves lost, loves regained, twin sisters, psychotic brothers, battles against the devil himself, The Question, and the question on YOUR lips is... WILL IT WORK? Oh, and don't worry. All this stuff WILL show up. Oh, and will Olivia and Betty (don't judge. I think I've already pr...

  • Adventure Time! One Shots/Stories
    5.3K 66 7

    These are just some Adventure Time stories I came up with. First Story Part 1 & 2: Marshall believes he can never love again, that he unwillingly lost his ability to feel things like love when he was bitten and transformed into an undead vampire. But he's proven wrong when Fionna comes along. Though, happy endings ne...

  • Adventure time finn and FP fan fic
    1.7K 52 5

    Finn just broke up with FP, how will he get over her. Mabey with a new girl