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  • wandaandnat
    316K 5.4K 57

    16+ mommy kink fluff sweet talk praise !toys! GxG LESBIAN

  • Professor Romanoff
    220K 5.6K 19

    YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS!!! Warnings: smut, fluff yah I think that's it

  • Just another straight girl (Y/N)
    391K 14.6K 100

    You're a singer-songwriter and Tom Holland's best friend. You meet Lizzie at his birthday party and have an instant connection. You're worried she's just another straight girl you're falling for. Will Lizzie prove you wrong? Or maybe Scarlett will prove too tempting?

  • The Affair With My Professor
    328K 10K 39

    She's a Professor. She has a wife. She knows its wrong. She just cant help herself.

  • Teachers Pet - Natasha Romanoff
    241K 6.9K 24

    Who knew studying Russian would land you in quite the predicament. Your teacher is HOT... and the feeling is mutual. I DO NOT OWN MOST OF THESE CHARACTERS

  • Black Widow Imagines™️
    3M 70.7K 203

    COMPLETED! For all those who saw Endgame and had their heart ripped out, this is for you. Imagines of Natasha Romanoff. Fluff. Angst. Gif. Smut. (No longer taking smut requests as of 12/18/19) (GxG , G!p)

  • Only For A Night
    890K 12.7K 50

    Avengers Female Smuts ;)

  • The Shadows Behind the Widow | Natasha Romanoff x Reader
    187K 5.8K 12

    When a Shadow is "caught" by the Avengers, Director Fury feels it best to make her apart of The Avengers. The whole team struggles to get through to her, that is, except for one member. The Black Widow. What will happen as the Widow and her Shadow begin to fall for someone that isn't prey? Read here in The Shadows Beh...

  • Sapphic Love Affair (girlxgirl)
    15.1K 377 20

    Scarlett, a straight, 22 year old college student, has a wonderful life. She's studying to be a psychologist, is very wealthy because of parents, and has a wonder boyfriend, Jason. Everything is fine until she gets a new student in her class, America. Scarlett is longing to experience the same feeling she felt when th...