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  • "Demons Bond" • Tensura X Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha
    158K 5.2K 23

    After the Great war The world is at peace Rimuru is Siting in his office doing his paper work and getting bored then Ciel suggest a solution!. #1 Tempest - 10/5/22 #1 FemRimuru - 11/5/22 #1 Maou - 11/27/22

  • Cardinal Guardian - Tensura
    2.3K 94 2

    Fanfiction based on the TTIGRAAS Universe but wait... a slime? No ... what else? A Knight? Nope not at all! What the... then tell me what is this about? Well it is indeed Rimuru but... this fanfiction does not follow the story line at all so stay eager to see what's new!

  • Tempest DxD
    761 32 1

    Disclaimer: I don't write often so update may take a very long time to arrive. I am also bad at writing so don't have high expectations for this story. Credits to @TheKeksxD for the title

  • Kumo To Slime Desuga, Nani Ka? (Tensura X Kumodesu)
    1.8K 43 1

    A shocking incident where a class at a high school in Japan exploded and killed all the students in it. Rimuru who was also on the list of victims due to the explosion was reincarnated into another world of his own free will with a student named Wakaba Hiiro. Their adventure begins when they meet in a labyrinth with...

  • Rimuru Tempest The Void Dragon God(TensuraXOverlord)
    8.1K 168 6

    This is story is the crossover between Overlord and That time i got reincarnated as a slime and here are some important things you all should know 1: Rimuru will not be slime he will be The True Dragon. 2: This will be harem story so if you don't like this kind of story then you can leave it. 3: This will be harem but...

  • Arifureta x Rimuru
    7.8K 231 3

    First time writing Basically the name says everything Fem!rimuru I don't own tensura and arifureta

  • Void God Dragon
    5.4K 222 3

    The Strongest and most Powerful True dragon of all (Rimuru x Luminous) there will be a Rimuru x Shizue/Hinata but they will be all different

  • Rimuru: The Dragonoid
    393K 10.9K 129

    Rimuru with a different origin, Ri's adventure in another world, Oneshots. All pictures in this story are not mine, Credits to the Owner. I write just for fun.

  • The Youngest True dragon(Slow Update)
    94.5K 2K 28

    Before Veldanava died he created the fifth true dragon that will inherit his goal and dreams as well as some of his powers.With the last of his powers he named the dragon Rimuru.So is the birth and rise of the youngest and strongest true dragon......So story is about (fem)rimuru's adventures and shinanigans story incl...

  • [ON HOLD] Chaos Creator return's (Tensura)
    24.1K 781 10

    After many years of imprisonment the Chaos creator, Rimuru Tempest has finally break free from his chains and decides to live a peaceful life. What does life have in store for him?. Will there even be anyone to stop him if he were to go on a rampage?.

  • Restart with no regrets {That time I got reincarnated as a slime }
    50.1K 1.3K 21

    After several years of Great Tenma war a lot has changed and developed in the world but Rimuru was upset sometimes and feeling the regret regarding that he couldn't had saved, Though he is a Supreme of this Multi-Universe. So he want to back to the past and fix those regrets. ( Note : This is a fanfic and I had change...

  • the forgotten mother
    44.8K 1K 13

    surprise✨✨✨✨ pictures don't belong to me it belongs to their original owners which I do not know who they are💀

  • A Slime in Earthland
    1.1K 45 2

    Rimuru takes him, his subordinates, Veldora, Velzard and some of the demon lords on a trip through the multiverse to a place called "Earthland". There they form a guild and go on stupid adventures, making new friends, fighting new enemies and taking on gods. Just your average Tuesday with Rimuru I suppose

  • A Bond Through Worlds
    106K 3.3K 44

    It has been 12 years after the Great Tenma war. Rimuru is ever-busy with the reconstruction of his capital, the treatises between nations, and his harem. On a date with one of his subordinates, a mysterious magic circle forms beneath them, and they get summoned to another world. Only to find out, he was summoned compl...

  • Ships and Lemons
    94.3K 1.7K 24

    Characters: Testarossa, Carrera, Ultima, Kumara, Milim, Shion, Shuna Added Characters: Hinata, Shizue, Luminous, Velzard, Velgrynd, Chloe, Ramiris, Alice, Sylvia Particular Ships and Lemons: Hinata x Chloe x Rimuru First time doing 'pov', first time writing ships and lemons so if you have any advice im happy to hear...

  • RimuruxLuminous
    32.3K 559 10

    RimuruxLuminous ship

  • The Journey of the Katana Hero
    40.5K 1.2K 13

    We know the story of the Cardinal Heroes and their weapons; Spear, Bow, Sword and Shield. But, what if there is one more? This is the story of Rimuru Arashi. After got stabbed by thief, she's sent into another world where she become the Katana Hero. Now she must protect this new world from the Wave of Catasthrope. (OC...

  • Ancient Demon Lord Rimuru
    346K 10.7K 33

    80 years have passed since Yuuki's defeat. Rimuru, after dwelling for countless years at the end of time and space, has surpassed Veldanava in terms of strength and is, therefore, the strongest being in the Cardinal world. With his strength, he easily dealt with the aftermath of the final battle and accomplished his d...

  • being Naruto's ciel
    1.7K 57 4

    rimuru is bored as he has paperwork and always has to to it and also gets into drama scenes everyday mostly diablo and shion rivalry but when he tells ciel to transport him to a new world he decides to mess up the naruto timeline by becoming Naruto's ciel

  • Douluo: Void Dragon Goddess Rimuru
    6K 103 4

    (I do not own Tensura and Duoluo Dalu)

  • If Rimuru meet the DSMP
    226 9 1

    Rimuru Tempest is a powerful slime that lives in The Forest Of Jura. One day Ranga reports seeing a strange ore and hopes the Rimuru might know what it is. Rimuru goes to the cave alone and after a while is reported as missing. Where did he go and what will his adventure be like?

  • Slime x School In Another World : A Trip To The World Outside
    17.5K 574 10

    A unknown world Outside the tensura world our protagonist rimuru is summoned unknowingly World of seven spiritual beings Known as princesses Born only seven in 3000 years, having the authority and power to rule over the world, A world Transcending the fiction and reality itself which seems to be also created by an omn...

  • Demon Lord Slime-san Journey
    50.3K 1.4K 14

    Rimuru X Shizue story It's different from the cannon: Three day's after Rimuru consumed Shizue to her 'death', Rimuru encountered an army of 200,000 orcs heading to his village led by a mysterious Majin and an Orc Lord which led to Rimuru unbridled fury. Shizue who was in Rimuru stomach was still conscious waiting for...

  • The Manifestation At The End Of The World
    143K 3.6K 27

    Mikami Satoru was an ordinary 43 years old contracter but he died when saving his kohai from certain death by a criminal who was running with a knife in his hand ready to stab tamura. when dying he wishes to be like his elder sister who he look ups to. His wishes are granted and his fate is intertwined with the daught...

  • The Demon in a world of Pretenders.
    8.1K 361 9

    So this is cross posted on Archive of our own as that is my main base and it has over 2k views. I think here It will reach a wider audience and it has kinda been my plan to move here eventually. Also the original name was the same as another popular fic here so I gave it a bit of name change. It is also using the same...

  • The Mother of All
    34K 623 7

    Rimuru who's known as the creator and mother of all monsters and humans, creator of the world who was dead and finally humans and monsters decided to cause trouble when they're mother was gone. but was suddenly revived and was summoned.. ------------ Fem. Rimuru! Mother Rimuru! This story was inspired by someone fo...

  • Rimuru Void Dragon
    4.1K 85 2

    Ships : Rimuru x Guy Velzard + life = single life Veldanava x Lucia (milims mother) Velgrynd x Masayuki Veldora + life = single life Fem. Rimuru AU! True Dragon Rimuru AU! ----------- Rimuru was the first true dragon, everyone knows her. rimuru and velgrynd was very similar to each other, everyone fears velgrynd b...

  • Tempest Sweets
    45.5K 1.7K 16

    Rimuru was bored after many years he fought Yuuki .. the only Thing he was doing was Paperwork , he never changed his neutral relationship with everyone after all he had Ciel. He then decided to go back to Earth , what will happen?

  • Tensura X kimetsu no yaiba [English Version]
    108K 3K 28

    Rimuru who had finished his escape. He attended an event organized by Mai Fuyuki about the Gate machine he made. Rimuru who happily became the guinea pig. Leaving him stranded in a world he doesn't know. But one thing is certain, he knows that the world he is stepping on after entering the Gate... is Earth. Warning [...

  • Rimuru's new adventure in Yggdrasil
    80.1K 2.4K 17

    In this Fanfic Rimuru goes to a World called Ygddrasil (Overlord). He will start from the very bottom as a Slime .. Will he rise again?