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  • Hell high
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    When Chris changed high schools with Devin, something was wrong. The new high school seemed quiet, and everyone avoided one person. The one person who'd singlehandedly destroyed the high schools reputation for killing his boyfriend. Ricky Olson. He had no friends. He had no one and he didn't seem to care. But he acte...

  • Monster ♦︎ Cricky AU [✔️]
    38.3K 3.1K 25

    Chris was far too young to die when he did, and Ricky accidentally stumbles upon his dead body. Ricky, being the determined young soul he is, decides that he wants to try to give this poor guy his life back, but what he wasn't expecting was for it to actually work. {Ships included: Chris Motionless X Ricky Horror Ryan...

  • implausible - woosan
    215K 14K 51

    "the unlikeliness of our situation is laughable." in which a beautiful blind boy dreads his eighteenth birthday because he is doomed not to see the name of his soulmate upon its appearance, and an avid nonbeliever in love falls in love. just another soulmate au ⚣ ♡ warning: filthy smut to compensate for the lack of in...