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  • The Alpha King is My Mate?
    7.5M 191K 39

    *Completed but needs editing* *I DO NOT GIVE ANYONE/COMPANY PERMISSION TO USE THIS BOOK ON OTHER WEBSITES, THIS IS WRITTEN BY ME ON WATTPAD ONLY, IF YOU SEE IF ANYWHERE ELSE IT HAS BEEN STOLEN* sabella was abandoned at birth, just left outside a pack house door on the steps in a hopes that the pack that lived there wo...

  • The Mating Season | ✓
    12.7M 451K 40

    What if mates didn't exist? Instead, werewolves chose who they wanted to be mated to for the rest of their lives during a short period of time once a year. This period was called the Mating Season. Sydney Carrington has already planned her entire life with her chosen mate and her pack's current beta, Will and he was...

  • 3 years later with Chuck and Blair
    11.4K 148 9

    Louis is back! When will he leave? What will happen after he finally leaves?

  • Bluck: A GossipGirl FanFiction
    507 9 1

    This story is an altered version of Chuck&Blairs love story from Blair's POV. (GossipGirl)

  • The Mind-Numbing Games That You Play
    9.7K 101 11

    Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 22 "The Wrong Goodbye" told from Chuck's POV. What was going on in his head on his way to save Blair? Why did he give her up? What else is there to come?

  • ~♡Stand by You♡~
    242 2 1

    Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf are finally done the fueding because they are both madly in love with one another. Wow can't wait too see what scandal gets in the way this time ~Xoxo Gossip Girl

  • Imagine
    514 6 3

    best friends in love?

  • The Day We Met❤️
    165 2 1

    This is about a girl named Blair and a boy named Chuck when they first meet they are in love. I am just using the names from Gossip Girl I am not taking the whole show. So please read my story.

  • Red Velvet
    27.9K 816 18

    Was this happening? The most popular & sexy guy in school lying on top of me, the most quiet & shy girl in school, reaching for the buttons on my shirt? I think so. And it felt so wrong, but so damn right. Luna Caverly has always been an outcast with a cliche crush on one of the most popular guys in school. But someh...

  • Queen Bee and New Bee?
    105 1 1

    Welcome to the lives of the elite. Want in?

  • A Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf (Bass) Fanfic
    4.4K 35 1

    Chair fanfic - Gossip Girl!

  • The Jock Trap
    589K 11.2K 4

    Meredith and Finn were once friends. Things were fine until middle school, when over the space of a summer Finn got “hot” and all the popularity that came with it, leaving Meredith to slowly drift away. Now, in their senior year of high school, their history as childhood friends couldn’t feel any more distant. While M...

  • What hurts the most
    323 6 2

    Alyssa was nice girl she was shy she had a lot of friends she was one of the populars. But one night when she was at a party she got drunk, she had sex with one of the popular boys. That boy who she had sex told everyone in their school. Alyssa was getting called a slut bitch and she didn't deserve to live. She was go...

  • Give love a chance
    159 0 4

    Read this and then maybe it might help you under stand

  • i love you, chuck bass♡
    966 19 3

    days in the life of an uppereastsider

  • Say
    301 5 1

    Chuck and Blair are the perfect couple but they just don't know how to make it work ....

  • The Dreams Of All
    1K 13 1

    "Miss Blair go on, Chuck is waiting for you." Welcome to the Upper East Side. Here everyone is rich, well most likely. Everyday Drama, Picking out what to wear because remember everyone knows you. Let me introduce you to some elites. Blair Waldorf, Queen Bee always has been always will. She has a nasty habit of bei...

  • Love and War (Chuck&Blair)
    13.1K 239 7

    This is a fan fiction dedicated towards the incredible, intense couple: Chuck and Blair. The majority of plots in this story are made up or occurs before the season 5 (until later) of Gossip Girl. Chuck and Blair both live on the upper east side along with their upper east side (and Brooklyn) friends. This story ventu...

  • The Risk of Falling
    6.5M 177K 28

    Maxine Moss arrived in Pacific City to start a brand new life complete with her first real job as a marketing assistant at Hedenby Holdings. Life was supposed to be simple until the unexpected happens. After a disastrous first meeting with her infuriatingly sexy boss, an unlikely friendship starts with the man she jus...

  • Playing The Player
    15.2K 448 11

    Revenge; the perfect plan right? Jess Lewis thought so. After all, how hard could it be to avenge your best friend after being cheated on by the school player? Not quite as easy as Jess thinks . . . Seeing as she'll have to go up against just about the whole school, Scott Evans -- the player himself -- and maybe even...

  • My Player of a Best Friend
    4.8M 106K 41

    I wouldn't trade my best friend for anyone else in the world. He's amazing, funny, supportive, and everything that is great. He can be a little protective at times but it's okay since he doesn't go overboard with it. There's only one teeny little thing that I don't really like about him. Well, it's actually a big thin...

  • Losing Something I Didn't Know I Had (Chuck/Blair)
    12.3K 249 7

    With his signature scarf and dashing smile, everyone knows Chuck Bass, the rich ladies man. But no one knows what he's hiding. Blair Waldorf, the beautiful, witty fashion legacy has caught his eye, and he can't help but feel attracted to her. No one knows what he's hiding and he wants to keep it like that. And with so...

  • Playing The player
    138K 4.7K 33

    "It's cute when the good girl falls for the bad boy... But it's a lot cuter when the bad boys falls for the good girl." Hayleigh Grace, was, to put it lightly, perfection. With her outstanding grades and seemingly perfect life, it seemed like she could do no wrong. Until sexy, sarcastic Blake Carter came along. Haylei...

  • Just A Kiss
    1.2M 26.9K 24

    It was simple dare. Just kiss a stranger. I thought it was easy since I didn't know th guy or would ever see the guy ever again but than why is he wearing my school's uniform?

  • The Shy Girl (Jack Johnson FanFiction)
    211K 6.1K 25

    Emily is starting High School and really wants her long time crush, Jack,to notice her. She is a shy girl that doesn't talk much and he is a popular guy that flirts with everyone except her. Will their roads cross?