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  • Transported as Error Sans
    15.6K 594 5

    Mc on our world dies gets a deal with a deity then becomes error sans --- Story Status: [✴️Ongoing] |⚪Unedited⚫|

  • Becoming the River Person
    4.4K 238 3

    *Insert Good Description* {A/N: I know that the river person is G̶̰͇̞̘̠̜̹̐͗̐ạ̵͓͖̼̟͒͑̉̌̽͝s̵̞̠͖̹̫̫̹̒͜͠ţ̶̘̗͚̻͕̞̐̊̆͐̃̽̓͑̔e̷͓̬̦̟̯̼̻͆̉̌͜͝͠r̷̨̢͔̤̤͕̀̌̎̆͝, but for this story its a different skeleton monster. Also there is gonna be different personality and story or roles here, if you hate it don't bother here} --- Story Sta...

  • Becoming Underswap Sans
    12.8K 537 4

    what if someone in our world becomes US!sans also known as blueberry?

  • Soul to Dust
    4.3K 169 3

    Life was never fair to me, Fate was never fair to me, Even destiny was never fair to me. Killing myself should be the only option left to me... But why the heck am I a skeleton? Why is the human killing everyone who I became friends with and love?.. LOVE also known as level of violence... Is this the way to earn lov...

  • Black as Ink
    382 11 2

    As you may know Ink is the creator, protector and guardian of AU's. But how did ink came to be like how error came to be as we all know ink came from an unfinish au and error from the original aftertale sans(geno) who experimented his determination and got stuck in the anti void went insane. Now... In this story... is...

  • Deathly
    1.7K 106 2

    Death... The End of all things and the beginning to the end... In which case of scenario is Harry potter becoming Master Of Death As well as Death being bored as fuck and decides to mess their master And Well Harry Being Harry Gives a middle finger at death who just laughs The story is that Harry Potter Becomes Reaper...

  • Becoming Swap!Dream
    17K 614 5

    *insert good description* [A/N:I don't own swapdreamtale btw, Just so you know the story will be different than the original as well as different characters and personality to fit the story I have in mind, any ideas or requests are welcome 🙂 ] --- Story Status: [✴️Ongoing] |⚪Unedited⚫|

  • Becoming Fresh sans
    80.9K 3K 14

    What if someone in our world becomes fresh sans? --- Story Status: [✴️Ongoing] |⚪Unedited⚫| 。☆✼★━━━━━━━━━━━━★✼☆。 Impressive Ranking: #128 out of 47.9k - Undertale | ⊙.☉ #3 - undertale au | 😳 3/30/2021