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  • Marriage of Royal Inconvenience [Jimin x Reader]
    3.1M 150K 79

    "Hold me for real... Just once." Prince Jimin needs to keep his younger brother away from the throne. There's only one way to do that: marry you. But marrying the famous Playboy Prince is more difficult than you imagined, and when his cousin - Prince Jungkook - tries to steal you away, the opportunity seems overwhelm...

  • In Another Lifetime ➳ Choi Beomgyu [END]
    65.5K 4.2K 42

    ❝ give me a week to be with you. thats all i ask for ❞ in which, y/n tried her best to save her marriage but universe has it own game.

  • The Forever Now
    21.5K 613 21

    when you meet your highschool bully who is a millionaire and he now falls in love with you will you accept him and will you both end up together despite all the hardships you face together

  • educational purposes ⌮ kang taehyun
    240K 14.9K 50

    ❝Can I have your number? It's for educational purposes.❞ © DIORTYUN Started: May 4, 2020 Completed: Aug 13, 2020 _________________________________ TXT/ TOMORROW X TOGETHER (투모로우바이투게더) - Kang Taehyun Fan Fiction

    1.4M 45.2K 62

    This is the story of a high school girl, Y/N, who has an average life, but it will all change when her mom will get married to the father of BTS. Y/N's life will turn upside down because the school's most handsome and powerful boys will be her new stepbrothers. But the problem is that she doesn't want those seven dev...