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  • His Ways -тo love
    407K 36.6K 37

    This book is the sequel of 'His Ways!!' -------------------- After Manik's betrayal Nandini realized that she cant live in his presence anymore . So, to protect herself from more heartaches she left India and her family behind to make a better living with her hard work without her fiancé and family name. But what t...

  • Manan ff My Possessive Darling Husband
    1.7M 92.5K 92

    Hey buddies back with another story.. Till now you guys read many love stories in which there is misunderstandings and lady villans..did you guys ever read happy life stories.. In which there is alot of trust than love without misunderstandings..No Cheating,No Betrayal..only trust, love and happiness..It's my wish to...

    925K 52.3K 71

    MaNan ff: Abt a common girl NANDINI MURTHY who is die hard fan of MANIK MALHOTRA the lead singer of FAB 5 lyk any another girl ! But lyf takes a special turn for her !! DESTINY AWAITS...

  • Illicitly Entangled { COMPLETED ✅}
    343K 20.9K 46

    Forbidden but not hidden, My feelings for you are always constant. Yes, they say we aren't meant to be, They say we shouldn't be, Yes, they call it some foe that will destroy, But I'm all ready to be destroyed. I ain't scared of the accusing glares, Aren't scared of their bitter words, All I care about is you my...

    Completed   Mature
    191K 10.7K 36

    MANAN: HER PRINCESS LIFE Nandini is a middle class girl who dreams of having a princess life.This is a humorous +possessive +romantic story.Her character is a funny one. She is a crazy girl and she is a tv serial reporter.Manik is a business man and also the lead singer of Fab5. He is an arrogant man, short tempered...

  • Royal Possession||√||
    241K 749 5

    Hello lovely people 💓.......this is my first book and even first time I writing a book ....hope u like it This story about a chief solider who is arrogant ,fearless, handsome,and dream for many girls (but his dark side is not known for other ) and princess who is bubbly ,kind love him with out knowing his dark side...

  • Instagram ° Manan
    260K 14.8K 51

    @manikmalhotra liked your post @manikmalhotra commted : dyuuummmmm👅 @manikmalhotra followed you. ~ A modern love story of Manik and Nandani. Will their Instagram love survive or... _ I don't own any of the pictures used in this story and have used pictures found on the internet, mainly pinterest. The credits go to t...

  • Manan ... Journey Towards Forever ( Till Stars Shine And The Fireflies Exist)
    173K 10.9K 124

    So this is my first story n in south side ur paternal or maternal brother or sister can marry their paternal or maternal brother or sister n they are called as bava n maradalu So story is about manik n nandini Manik as Nandini's aunt son ( paternal cousin brother of Nandini ) Nandini as Manik's uncle daughter ( mat...

  • Dirty Deals
    254K 14K 17

    A story about 2 strong headed individuals who are bound by a deal which looks like a deal from the surface but deep inside is hidden a lot of passion and desires and some secrets.

  • Destiny's Dice
    194K 18.9K 40

    We've always heard the phrase, opposites attract. But have you ever seen it implemented in real life? Nandini's life is thrown into disarray when Manik steps foot into her world. Into the world of others around her. Unconventional circumstances force them together, but will they be able to make the best of the situa...

  • MANAN : Wedding Diaries
    172K 8.7K 36

    #50 in fanfiction on 12 sept 2016. #38 in fanfiction on 25 sept 2016. This is my first fanfiction..a musical journey. The wedding diary of manik and nandini along with their friends and family. Two castes, Two different weddings, Two families, One couple, infinite love❤ Hope you all like it

  • The Ex's At War
    808K 45.2K 46

    Hello All Here I start with the sequel of The Impulsive Soul-Mates. Now don't jump out of your chairs with the name. Yes here MaNan are separate again only to bump into each other every now and then. It is going to be light and entertaining not very long though. I shall wrap it up soon. So sit back and enjoy and yes...

  • Manan: One night with you
    820K 40.9K 130

    Manik who loves Disha but marries her sister for saving her...he respect his wife but spend night with Disha..

  • Manan - Monster's star
    457K 28.8K 63

    Manik and nandini are the complete opposites of each other, where on spreads happiness to anyone she touches or meets, the other sets fire to the world. How can love blossom between fire and ice?? The story has some scenes similar to the actual kyy, but unique and cute in it's own way. #love #trust #friendship #betr...

    362K 16.3K 53

    Prologue- A group of people were making fun of a girl who was crying her heart out. All her dreams were shattered. She had trusted him but he broke her trust. She looked into his eyes but he couldn't meet her eyes. One of his friend congratulated him on winning the bet. The girl couldn't take it longer and ran from th...

  • Arranged Love Marriage - Exchanged Bride!
    80K 5.2K 26

    According to ur parents, u r doing an arranged marriage... but ur friends knew what is the truth... *HeHeHe* Two brothers r going to get married to two sisters... But... They r getting attracted to each other's partners... "He's my boyfriend, my fiancé, and soon-to-be my husband; then why am I attracted towards my soo...

  • MANAN- Arranged Marriage turned into Love
    1M 54.4K 64

    Highest #3 in fanfiction. #4 in ChickLit "A happy marriage is about three things: memories of togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes and promise to never give up on each other." No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together. This is a story of a Arranged Marriage...

  • Besabriyaan
    622K 55K 61

    Touching our favourite superstar is a far fetched dream but what if one day you actually get to touch the star of your dreams but that rather than being your blessing turns out to be a curse? A dark one. Nandini Murthy being a diehard fan of Manik Malhotra falls head over heels in love with her favourite superstar bu...

  • secret love
    471K 19.6K 41

    anothr manan story...i hve been writin 2 stories of manan...wic r nt yt cmmplete...n dis 1 also hve slow updates so cooperate..

  • GolMal (Complete✅)
    169K 16.2K 76

    "If life had a background music,it would have been easy to understand what the hell is going on"😳😳😳 It is actually the state of the lives of this story characters.Their lives are full of confusion and shocks.It is a Rom-Com of Manan. Manik and Nandini are happily married and about to shift to Mumbai. Here they face...

    Completed   Mature
  • P.S. I Love You Till The Stars Shine And Fireflies Exist.
    12.4K 924 30

    It is my 1st book on my fav couple MANAN(Ma-Manik & Nan-Nandini). Hope you all will like it. The story is all about an innocent, chirpy and bubbly girl named Nandini and a rude, arrogant, but good at heart boy named Manik. Manik has a band named Fab 5 which is very famous. What will happen when Nandini will meet Mani...

  • Our MANAN!!
    208K 9.2K 40

    after musicana confession

  • MaNan: After Musicana
    166K 9.7K 24

    This story is how MaNan's lives will go on after their breakup at Musicana!!!! Will they be together again!!! There will be a new character in the story Sanjana Chidanand as Sanaya Mehra!!! She is a positive character!!!!

  • Manan: Before Musicana 2.0
    21.5K 119 7

    The story will start after Cabir left after blaming Nandini and Manik came to know about Dhruv feelings for Nandini. What if Manik reveal the truth of Dhruv feelings infront of Nandini ? What if Manik is very possesive about Nandini? There will be many secrets supense and mystery in the story. The picture which is us...

  • Un-wanted Relationship... MaNan ✔
    371K 21.2K 34

    Being the grandson of Ashish Malhotra, who vowed his best friend, Ram Murthy, the promise of marrying off their children. Both friends, being blessed with boys, passed on the promise/wish to the third generation of Manik Malhotra and Nandini Murthy. Just as Ram and Ashish were best friends, their sons, Vinay and Raj w...

  • Hamesha.
    373K 27.8K 59

    son deprived of mother'S love.. husband living his soulless life.. and she surrounded by lies and lost one ones real identity. will ever son will get his mother. will ever husband will be getting back his life. will her life will be sorted out.? to know more peek into the story.

  • Passionate love
    614K 33.8K 48

    manan story . a story of a boss and innocent employee.. emotional + cute nandu

  • One Mistake That Changed My Life
    427K 16.4K 35

    Manik Malhotra or should i say THE MANIK MALHOTRA..Today i have everything that can make anyone happy and satisfied i.e success, money, fame, Millions of people love my work..But after having all this I can never be fully happy because I'm broken, im devastated, im craving for love, for happiness but i can't...

  • MaNan Ff: Jaana Pehchana
    27.4K 1.8K 35

    Manik and Nandini with their family move to a new house, a haunted house, which they don't believe is haunted, strange things start to happen in their house, will they be able to escape?