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  • No Salt
    76.3K 1.4K 45

    I froze as I looked at Finn, my breath quickened as he looked back at me. His eyes saying, 'trust me' And I did ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ When his parents have to leave the country on a business trip, Finn Henry is forced to spend his summer in Ocean Bay with a family he's never met. Crushing his plans of joining a local su...

  • The Hockey Players Sister
    635K 9.4K 42

    "So why did you quit gymnastics?" "None of your business." Leah said, her voice dark. "If you won't tell me why you quit, then tell me... why won't you play hockey?" Wes's comment struck a nerve with Leah. Her face softened for just a moment as she looked at the ground. Her fake facade faltering but quickly coming...

  • Playing The Surfer
    862K 14.2K 55

    "Does this feel real enough?" He grabbed my face delicately in his hands, the rain runs down our foreheads to where our lips meet, each of us tasting the cold drops. Sparks flew in every direction, but instead of detracting from the intensity of the moment, it brings us to new heights. Caiden pushes his lips against...

  • The Clock Doesn't Lie (A Swim Story)
    46.1K 844 34

    "I think you should go." "Can't handle the truth princess?" "No, I can't handle your lies." "The clock doesn't lie darlin, you've said it yourself." Camila, Captain of the girls team works her butt off to achieve her dreams in swimming. Luke, captain of the boys team works just as hard. With his season not yet starte...

  • Puck You
    21.6M 584K 49

    Grace wants to prove herself by making the men's hockey team at her new school. Will a rivalry with the captain - or an attraction between them - get in the way? ***** When Grace Gillman moves to California, she's determined to play hockey -- even i...

  • Bending the Rules (The Rules, #1)
    1.5M 61.2K 82

    WATTYS 2020 WINNER THIS IS NOT A PAID STORY. ONLY THE BONUS CHAPTERS ARE. YOU CAN READ THE MAIN STORY FOR FREE! When Brenna and Shea, two rival hockey players, have to collaborate to take down a common enemy, they soon discover love is a ruthless game. ******* Brenna Harrison, a gifted hockey player, wants to prove...

    Completed   Mature