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  • Tattoos, Hair, & Blood
    3.4K 38 6

    When twin sisters Alaska and Manila leave their home town of Scottsdale, Arizona go on Warped Tour with their bestfriends Dahvie & Jayy from Blood on the Dance Floor as their Merch Girls their lives change completely. Will they find love or get their hearts broken by someone they thought they knew?

  • A Poem To The Unsaid
    785 82 1

    This is a poem written to anybody who has ever felt like they don't have a say. Anybody who has ever felt like they couldn't stand up for themselves. Anybody who has ever stayed silent, when you know you need to talk. Anybody who has ever wanted to scream and wail, but kept it all inside and refused to utter a word. T...

  • When She Speaks (Rewritting soon)
    2.3M 31.1K 37

    Star hasn't spoken a word in more then two years. After her father passes a way, she stops speaking. She's a prisoner in her own mind and her secrets are darker then anyone can imagine. BOOK ONE in the Bullied Series. NOTE: When She Speaks is a rough draft. After the rough draft is complete, the story will be taken d...

  • My New Bunkmates A Hot Jerk
    14.7K 309 18

    This story is about a girl named Faely. Her parents abandoned her so now Fae is going to a High-Standard Boarding School. She's had a really shitty life so she's looking to turn a new leaf. Leaving everything behind Fae is ready to take on what Cascornel Academy has to throw her way, except her new Bunkmate who just...