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  • ego
    45.2K 2.9K 15

    ego | p.j, a novella. My father, an offence lawyer for Holloway City puts those like Park Jimin into prison. He would be beyond disappointed, horrified now to see Jimin's arms around my waist or his lips at my forehead. The actions shock me, knowing they aren't out of love but out of protection. Jimin hugs and kisses...

  • You, Again | jhs
    9.3K 1.2K 35

    - a Jung Hoseok fanfiction - in which a girl who is secretly a webtoon artist starts meeting the real life versions of her fictional characters. Moon Hana lived the double life as a Korean History major university student and a popular webtoon artist in secret. When a new professor named Jung Hoseok who shared a stro...