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  • Bloodline [h.s.]
    138K 4K 55

    The hairs on the back of my neck stood up at the light touch of her cold fingers. She saw through me. Either my technique had fallen, or I underestimated Bridget's ability to read people. While she may not have known why, she knew I was forcing something. "Bee," my coldness melted into a plea. The feeling of her hands...

  • The Fence || h. s.
    383K 13.8K 47

    "Cherry, is that you?" She loves late-night jogging, and his beach house happens to be on the way. Separated by a six feet tall fence, they both have no idea who the other is. Will their chance encounter grow into something bigger? Or was this bizarre relationship doomed from the start? Harry is famous in this story...

    628K 14.4K 44

    Virulence: Toxic, Dangerous, and Unpredictable. Who will be the most virulent within this troubling tale? Toxicity simply runs through the bones of so many people....It is too soon to tell. But at a private, university-based boarding school, off of the coast of Northern Scotland, there houses an elite academy which...

  • love island ➳ harry styles au
    35.9K 952 8

    a journey in which you choose to embark as a contestant on love island. after many failed relationships, you decide to join other single and gorgeous islanders for a summer of love. five handsome men enter the villa but the tatted curly haired man rewriting the rules of masculinity is who you want to couple up with...

  • Moonstruck ⟡ HS
    408K 14.4K 31

    ⟡ The year is 1989 when Harry moves into the house across the street from Josephine, who lets her intrigue and fascination grow about the handsome, yet mysterious man every day--that is, until her days left to live are compromised. ⟡ ⟡ THIS IS A DARK, TWISTED STORY ⟡ ⟡ Hateful and hurtful comments will be deleted if s...

  • RED ROOM [H.S]
    1.3M 38.3K 60

    ***completed*** NOW PUBLISHED ON AMAZON Harry Styles. The strange one. The freak. The one who was too kind for his own good, trapped in a world where his job was to bring people pain. Sophia 'Spice' Winters. The dancer. The stripper. The one who who trapped in a world where her job was to provide men with nothing but...

    Completed   Mature
  • Devil's Due [h.s.]
    18.5M 347K 82

    Devil's Due: To acknowledge the positive qualities of a person who is unpleasant or disliked. Harry Styles, the brooding and intolerable tattoo parlour owner, meets River, a stubborn and somewhat oblivious girl, who just doesn't understand the reasoning behind his nefarious ways but is determined to find out. River co...

    Completed   Mature
  • Invisible || h.s.
    242K 7.9K 44

    "I know you have your own agenda, Harry, but you helped - that's what matters." - Hope meets a mysterious stranger in a bar, who takes her on a journey to discover shocking secrets about her family. As she struggles to adjust to her new reality and subsequently let go of her troubled past, the man who was once the emb...

  • Somatic [h.s.]
    4.5K 184 3

    In which Violetta Amari Samir, a graduate student in neurobiology, discovers the unorthodox practices of a surgical resident, Dr. Harry Styles.

  • The Winner Takes It All - H.S
    8.8K 220 19

    this fanfiction is inspired by Mamma Mia! Summer, romance and all things ABBA July 17th. The day Harry Styles turns up, out of the blue, in Corfu looking for someone to show him around the island. He's struggling artist leaving home with nothing but his suitcase, guitar and proudly wearing his Johnny Rotten t-shirt...