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  • WWE The Shield Preferences
    372K 6.6K 115

    WWE The Shield Preferences Story starting from when you meet them after their debut.

  • WWE Movie Preferences
    34.3K 1.3K 83

    You meet the characters Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton and The Miz played in their movies.

  • WWE: Haunted Hotel
    14.5K 650 17

    WWE Superstars are forced to take shelter in an abandoned hotel because of a raging storm. But this is no ordinary hotel! They start seeing things move in the shadows & they hear the laughter of a little girl. They eventually realise that the hotel is haunted! How will they handle being haunted by these ghosts? What w...

  • WWE The Walking Dead!
    4.3K 176 20

    It's been a month since the zombie apocalypse began! Follow three brothers Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns on their journey as they fight Walkers and struggle to survive. They meet other groups of survivors along the way as they travel to find a safe place to stay. But with Walkers around almost every corner...

  • WWE Detectives
    3.4K 175 17

    In the amazing city of Cincinnati Ohio....WWE superstars are police detectives in this action series story! See them work on cases, deal with their own personal issues and catch criminals! A/N: This is the sequel to The Man: Becky Lynch.

  • WWE Disneyland
    8.5K 285 20

    A group of 21 WWE Superstars decide to go to Disneyland on Thursday night. But when they are watching the fireworks display above the Disneyland Castle, something mysterious and magical happens to all of them!!

  • WWE Rock Stars!
    18.3K 559 35

    Let's Rock N' Roll with WWE Superstars as they compete in Battle Of The Bands! Follow 10 bands on their journey through the competition as they put on amazing performances and watch as new friendships develop & some rock stars fall in love!

  • Amblynch Christmas
    4.9K 220 17

    So, Dean Ambrose and Becky Lynch have been together for three years. This will be their third Christmas holiday together. But as much as Becky adores Christmas, Dean doesn't like Christmas at all because it wasn't a good time for him as a kid. This year, Dean's hatred for the holidays causes arguments between him & Be...

  • WWE: Once Upon A Time
    10K 342 14

    Two royal families live in castles on opposite sides of a huge forest. One family has 3 princesses & the other family has 3 princes who don't know that their Kingdoms are rivals. So, when the youngest prince & princess meet and start falling in love, it causes trouble. But what both Kingdoms don't know is that there i...

  • The Man: Becky Lynch
    6K 182 10

    Becky Lynch is a detective in Los Angeles. Becky lives with her 20 year old sister, Amber Lynch. Becky has been putting criminals behind bars since she was a rookie and she's well respected in the city. But what happens when one of those criminals is unexpectedly released and is looking for revenge? A/N: The sequel to...

  • WWE: Dead Silence
    2.5K 37 12

    After killing Jamie Ashen, Mary Shaw thought that was the end of it. But Mary feels that her work isn't done as she continues to possess Ella, her "Prefect Doll". But what Jamie didn't know is that he has a sister that was born a couple of years before him. His parents gave her up for adoption in order to get her away...

    52.7K 1.3K 52

    This is my 4th WWE preferences book. Hope you all enjoy! ❤

  • WWE Videos
    1.1K 29 5

    These are videos that I've made of WWE Superstars.

  • WWE Ships Preferences
    60.9K 1.1K 131

    This is a WWE Ships Preferences.