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  • The Mimic - One-Shots
    8.2K 272 41

    A one-shot book to be filled with snippets that weren't included in the original book! Maybe there are missions you want to see, or dynamics you want to see more of, it's all up to you! Non-canon interactions are also accepted if you'd like Mimic to meet any of your favourites in the MCU :) Once again, y/n's pronouns...

  • Home
    17.9K 715 25

    **BOOK 2 IN THE MIMIC SERIES** Welcome to Westview, a perfect paradise where nothing bad ever happens! Don't forget to meet the stars of the town, Fred and Darlene. It's like our lives can't carry on without them! Don't be shy, you'll fit right in. Once again, y/n's pronouns will be she/her, but if you'd like a versio...

  • The Mimic
    1.2M 35.2K 191

    "Well, she's a mimic. Y'know, monkey see, monkey do - but a bit more serious." "Yeah, just a bit more serious, Tony." When y/n and Bucky are saved from Hydra by the Avengers, they struggle to adapt to their newfound freedom. Finally being able to think for yourself is great, but nobody mentions the darkness of being a...