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  • Theyna one shots, headcanons, etc.
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    This is a pair that should also be canon, even though it's kind of impossible. Mostly ignoring canon ToA. Some will be where Reyna is a hunter, praetor, or ex-praetor, sometimes Thalia will be a hunter or ex-hunter. CREDIT TO @anime_iz_my_life_ FOR THE BEAUTIFUL COVER.

  • Life is a Journey (a theyna fanfic)
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    Three A.M. It was three A.M. and Reyna still had not seen Thalia all day. It had started normal enough, she had gotten up, gotten dressed, and found a note pinned to the fridge saying that Thalia had gone out to get groceries. That was Thalia for, "We ran out of waffles," so Reyna just went out for lunch with her sist...

  • Operation Campout -an HoO story
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    The seven along with Calypso, Will and Nico are conspiring... to get Thalia and Reyna together. Group chats, texts and Solangelo included. Oh and a hell lot of emojis😉🙃 Note: I do not own the characters, just the plot. Also the cover isn't mine, it's fanart and I only added the rainbow there 🌈 #Theyna!

  • 𝐹𝑖𝑒𝑟𝑟𝑜𝐶ℎ𝑎𝑠𝑒 𝑂𝑛𝑒𝑠ℎ𝑜𝑡𝑠
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    A collection of Fierrochase One Shots! Primary fluff, but some angst gets thrown in as well. Highest Rankings: #1 in magnuschase #1 in alexfierro #1 in riordanverse #1 in fierrochase #45 in proposal #12 in genderfluid (Yeah, I changed the cover for my long-time/rereaders) I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS, ONLY THE PLO...

  • fake | tratie | EDITING |
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    he hated her, she hated him. so why'd he kiss her? alternative summary: a really cliche trope that's super overused but it's tratie so who cares?

  • UNLIKELY LOVE [tratie]
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    This is the story of Katie Gardner daughter of Demeter and Travis Stoll son of Hermes. How their love grew and how they started out as enemies but ended up falling for each other. >>Set after The Heroes of Olympus [i wrote this a long time ago as an innocent child and i can't read it without cringing so proceed at o...

  • Oreo Love (Tratie Fanfiction)
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    Katie Gardner and Travis Stoll have always been at each others throat until a little game causes them to get together..will they find true love or will it be another heart breaking story for them to live through? Read to find out!

  • tratie one shots, vol. i
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    tratie deserves more fanfiction. [ completed story ]

  • The Dare That Started it All | Tratie
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    Everybody has that one person you absolutely despise. It's like it's their life goal to get on your nerves. Mine? Well, that would be Travis Stoll from the Hermes cabin. I seriously can't go a single day without waking up to one of his little "suprises". As if that wasn't enough, a simple game of truth or dare ends...

  • Soulmates
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    THIS FIC HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED Okay TW now: there will be panic attacks, racism, depression, dysphoria, mentions of rape, possible self-harm, and police brutality if you cannot handle this, DO NOT READ!!!! Cover by @-yerp-merp- Soulmate. Everyone has one. Whether you like it or not, you will have one. You will meet t...

  • Pjo/Hoo Soulmate Au
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    When you are born you have a tattoo to represent your soulmate. More tattoos are added to it as your soulmate grows and does things that affect their life, this makes it easier for people to tell their soulmate apart from the rest. [I posted this story on my old wattpad account but I am republishing it here] (I own no...

  • Twelve Days of Christmas {A Percy Jackson AU}
    40.2K 781 13

    It is twelve days before Christmas for Percy and his friends. They are all grown up now, living in New Rome with children of their own, getting ready for the holidays. Join them in their mini adventures as they get ready for the holidays! I will post every day leading up to Christmas including on Christmas Day for the...

  • Things we do in the name of duty.
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    Theyna. Arranged marriage/modern AU The Lioness guard services have a lot to gain by joining forces with the Grace industries. The tech they got would blow any other security company out of the water. There is a slight problem. The CEO of Grace industries, Zeus Grace is old fashioned. He wants a marriage to cement the...

  • stress-baking | theyna
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    Thalia was baking cookies in the communal kitchens at an ungodly hour of the night. Reyna was woken up by the oven after just barely going to sleep. There will be hell to pay. *published as part of the pjo/hoo big bang on tumblr* *strong language - only fluff* *mortal college au*

  • No One Ever Told Me Pirates Were Hot (Theyna)
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    (A Theyna Work)Thalia Grace is a soldier in the Queen of England's Navy. The Queen, known as Hera, has trapped her in serving her for twenty years, but when on Thalia's first voyage her ship is overtaken by pirates she meets a mysterious Pirate by the name of Reyna. The two quickly strike a friendship, and almost as q...

  • Theyna~ A Rift Between Kingdoms
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    Queen Bellona of the Roman Kingdom and King Zeus of the Greek Kingdom want to unite the two to create a new, and ruling Kingdom. They could have decided to rule together, or elected a new ruler that would be in the interest of both worlds... but instead they decided to arrange a marriage between Princess Reyna of the...

  • Missing
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    The Hunters have gone missing and Thalia is being Hunted. When Thalia Grace finds her way to New Rome she teams up with Reyna to track down her missing friends. Only the Hunters aren't the only ones missing, Hylla has dissapeared as well. With Lycaon chasing them along wkth a new shape shifting monster they will strug...