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  • Our Red Thread of Fate
    220 19 3

    The Red Thread of Fate, a beautiful Japanese myth; where two people are connected by an invisible red thread, and in this way bound by fate itself. Sooner or later, they are destined to meet, no matter the distance between them nor how much their life circumstances differ from one another. And, when it happens-- that...

  • Criminal Minds Rants
    251 8 1

    SO BY LIT RALLY NO MEANS AM I A WRITER LLOLOLOL but I have a lot of opinions on criminal minds and I want a place to dump them all so i figured I would just put them here. These will be opinions about ships, plot holes, idk literally anything about cm. maybe if anyone reads this we can start like a cool NON-TOXIC (bc...

  • tale of two stars
    905 42 3

    It's funny how a new relationship with a stranger can seem like a rerun. Y/N start her job at the BAU and soon gets attached to the resident genius Fluff, angst, some smut.

  • The Time Within Forever.
    10.9K 244 23

    Things go wrong when Kiras abusive ex boyfriend gets out of prison and immediately leaves a trail of dead bodies in his wake to get Kiras and only Kiras attention. The team does everything in their power to protect her, but it's in her best interest to go off the grid and escape for a while until her ex is found. Who...