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  • Once Upon a time imagines
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    Peter pan Felix Bealfire Prince charming Captain Hook Henry Mills

  • Rumplestiltskin/Jefferson one shots
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    This is just a collection of Jefferson x Rumple one shots. Some of them are pretty romantic. Others are more friend based. Some of them are g rated. Others are r rated.

  • Once Upon A Time One Shots/preferences *AUTHOR IS NO LONGER ACTIVE*
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    AUTHOR IS NO LONGER ACTIVE. I noticed there were very few/none of these, so I made a book of OUAT one shots. I take requests and write random little ideas that pop into my head. Requests open, please PM them to me. I will do girls, feel free to try and request anyone. Hope you like it! For preferences, I do: Killian...

  • Once upon a time preferences. "DISCONTINUED"
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    The boys: Henry mills Peter Pan Captain Hook Graham Robin Hood Jefferson You can request so request if you want. And if you want any other characters just ask.

  • OUAT Imagines
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    Imagines of OUAT! What do you want me to write an imagine on next? Write in some key words on a comment as well as the character/OTP/ship that you want it based off of and I'll see what I can do! I will support all your ideas, and will most likely have them done within a week from your original comment. Don't be shy j...

  • ONCE Imagines/Preferences (Requests Closed)
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    This book contains Imagines for Once Upon A Time. Requests are closed. 22/07/18 - #6 in reginamills 13/08/18 - #5 in henrymills 26/10/18 - #3 in hook 01/12/18 - #2 in once +Disclaimer: I do not own Once Upon a time or it's characters!+

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    Just a series of imagines from ABC's hit TV show, Once Upon A Time. :)

  • Once Upon a Time x Reader One Shots
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    The first eleven chapters are going to be shorter because they're results for my OUAT Life quiz on Quotev. I decided, since I wrote the love stories, that I should post them here and on my other sites so people can enjoy them.