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  • Friends With Benefits (Larry AU) COMPLETED
    1.6M 42.2K 30

    Harry Styles, Uni student moves into a flat with who he describes as the God, Louis Tomlinson. Harry is openly Bi, having sex with anything that moves, but all he wants is his straight flat mate Louis in his sheets. What happens when he realises Louis was gay this whole time? (This contains a lot of smut, and you wi...

    Completed   Mature
  • barbie [larry stylinson] ✔️
    346K 24.2K 19

    "Who the hell are you and why are you in my house?" The beautiful man with the perfect teeth smiled and stuck out his manicured hand for Louis to shake, his cheeks burning bright red from blushing. "I'm Harry. Your doll." { Based on Life Size } { Cover by @lunarcissus } { Co-Written with @pleasurelouis }

    Completed   Mature
  • Play Pretend, Find a Friend? (Larry Stylinson)
    688K 26.1K 20

    They had to pull back for air. Louis surveyed the guy's face, in awe of his blown pupils and sharp jawline, the way their shared spit glistened on his lips. "Hi," he breathed. He blinked, and came back to himself a little bit, blushing at his own boldness. "Sorry. Is this okay?" The stranger removed his right hand fro...

  • The Tutoring Project
    474K 15.7K 21

    Louis is a shy but excellent student. What happens when he is asked to tutor the careless punk Harry Styles?

  • The Rubik's Cube Champ // l.s.
    1.3M 71.6K 56

    [Larry Stylinson | Student-Teacher] "Just give me the damn cube and we won't have any problems." In which Louis has an obsession with his Rubik's Cube and also his teacher... --- Copyright © 2014 by MaddsLeigh. All rights reserved

  • Berry Cute ♡ Larry ✔
    17.8K 1.1K 12

    Where Harry works in a diner and Louis comes in every night, his main goal to make Harry flustered. ⚣ Boyxboy, Larry Stylinson ✎ Original story by Stylinson_Larryxx ✄ Cover by @Stylinson_Larryxx

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost Boy 2: Return To Neverland // l.s
    112K 7K 26

    ❝Come back... Come back to Neverland❞ ❝What's Neverland?❞

  • At Your Service
    1.9M 56.9K 43

    After Louis finally comes out of the closet, his parents don't take it so lightly and end up kicking the blue eyed boy out of their so called "loving home". Tired and alone, Louis starts to lose all hope whatsoever, all until he spots an ad for a wanted personal assistant that changes his life in ways he could never o...

  • Escapade
    28K 238 5

    This is NOT my story all credits go to dolce_piccante on ao3 - In the grand scheme of things, finding a date for a wedding should be no problem for Louis Tomlinson. He's rich. He's handsome. He's reasonably well behaved. But when the wedding is for his lifelong best friend (and former boyfriend), and is happening in u...

  • Nurse // l.s
    228K 10.3K 20

    Where Harry is a patient in the hospital of London and has a crush on his blue eyed nurse. • Larry Stylinson • © larry_smilinson

  • Sweets // l.s
    257K 13.2K 15

    "Can I get some of your sour kisses?" Harry has a candy store and Ernest and Doris love sweets. • larry stylinson • © larry_smilinson

  • Let Me Feel Your Heartbeat (Larry Stylinson)
    388K 9.1K 7

    Harry is 98% sure Louis hates him. So he feels like his bewilderment is justified when the omega offers to help him through his rut. Alpha Harry, Omega Louis.

    Completed   Mature
  • Always Fearless in Love (Larry Stylinson)
    26.3K 1.2K 5

    Harry Styles is the international popstar who refuses to remove his lipstick just minutes before a live performance. Louis Tomlinson is the tragic intern stuck with the job of wiping it off. Chaos ensues.

    Completed   Mature
  • It's Your Birthday ➡ Larry Stylinson
    8.4K 8 1

    ❝ Look what you've done now, Harry. ❞ A murder mystery novel ⚣ boyxboy, Larry Stylinson ✎ Original story by Stylinson_Larryxx & @larry_smilinson ✄ Cover by @stylinson_Larryxx & @larry_smilinson

  • Who's That? /L.S
    30.8K 1K 18

    When Niall introduces the new boy to his friends, Harry sees something past the happy cheery boy who stands there. Who is he?

    Completed   Mature
  • Can't Fight This Feeling (larcel)
    247K 11.1K 19

    (Larcel Fanfiction) Louis Tomlinson is the schools hottest bad boy who has guys and girls tripping over him daily. People call him The Lonewolf because he chooses to have no close friends. Marcel is known as "The Teachers Pet" He can't help it, he's always been the smartest. When he's not being bullied he's being igno...

  • Did You Say Louis Tomlinson? (Can't Fight This Feeling Sequel)
    124K 6.9K 17

    The sequel to Can't Fight This Feeling

  • Larry smut book.
    19.7K 91 14

    Larry smut. All kinds of stuff in here. Read at your own risk!! All of the decent smut books are getting deleted, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to try and reupload some. Here you go!! I'm putting all of these into a backup story in my drafts, so I won't lose them all. (: ALL OF THESE ARE FROM AO3. I might write some...

  • Around 132
    1.3K 71 5

    "Um, are you going to come in, mate?" He said, noticing me just staring at him in awe. "O-oh, yeah, sorry." I mumbled and stepped into the elevator, standing beside him. "Floor?" he asked, and without looking at him I said, "Um, fourth please." "Oh, that's where I'm going, too! What's your room number?" He asked. "1...

  • milk n honey
    5.8K 258 23

    it's 1951, and harry has become infatuated with his new neighbor from france, louis. ©harryinfishnets 2019 started: 7•18•19 end date: not completed yet :)

  • Prompts(l.s)
    55.8K 649 22

    Larry One-shots. Fluffff {REQUESTS ARE OPEN}Send in your prompts! I OWN NOTHING EXCEPT THE STORYLINE

  • Platonic - Complete | L.S
    161K 8.5K 14

    LARRY. Louis is God's little angel; Harry is lucifers scary demon. In which angelic Louis is captured by a less than innocent demon named Harry. Complete.

    Completed   Mature
  • Larry Stylinson oneshots
    1M 18.2K 135

    Just a bunch of Larry oneshots, no need for a summary really :) (I will be taking suggestions from readers.) Highest Rankings: #1 in kindasad #1 in louisxharry #1 in Zayn #7 in Niall #2 in Liam #5 in harryandlouis #1 in ls #11 in stylinson #9 in onedirection #5 in Louis #1 in ot5

  • No Sound.
    3M 105K 37

    Louis Tomlinson was, as you can say, a "bad boy." Harry Styles though was completely opposite. He was a sweet, fragile boy, and not only that---he's deaf. The two fall in love rather quickly like any other story, but there's just something holding them back.. And that something, or should I say someone, is Zayn Malik...

  • Nerdy Princess - Complete | L.S
    286K 12.3K 18

    LARRY. Harry is a mob boss and Louis is his little hacker. Nobody messes with the bosses nerdy Princess, until somebody does. Complete.

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't Call Me Angel; larry stylinson completed. (bottom!louis)
    65.9K 3.5K 12

    Manhattan is a dangerous playground for the rich and entitled Alphas of New York. Those same wealthy Alphas are robbed after spending one night in the presence of a blue-eyed Omega and Officer Styles is assigned to the case. Written for the Bottom Louis Fic Fest 2019 on AO3. Mature Content. Background cover picture is...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bottom!Louis One Shots || Larry ||
    42.9K 552 9

    Some Bottom!Louis One Shots written by me :) ! Larry Stylinson One Shots ! These are mine, so please don't repost them anywhere xx ! I will tell you in the summary of every one shot if there will be smut or not ! Instagram: larrymelon28; larrykiwi28 ! If you like my writing style, don't be scared to check out my other...

  • Cold Night Boy (Larry au; BDSM)
    982K 27.1K 34

    A story about a 17 year old boy called Louis Tomlinson who lost his parents and suffers from anxiety of loosing people that he grows to like. So he stays quiet, watching the world go on around him with no one acknowledging him. What will happen if the 27 year old Harry Styles, a wealthy handsome businessman will ack...

  • no homo > larry au [completed]
    8.2M 441K 47

    louist91: I kinda really wanna suck your dick louist91: no homo tho ••••• {HIGHEST RANKING: #3 in FanFiction}

  • The Other Team (Boyxboy) [Larcel AU] {Mpreg}
    180K 6.2K 39

    "Oh, and Marcy?" "Hmm?" "Next time, it'll be on your lips" {Or the one where Louis is the popular punk kid, tattoos littering his entire body, piercings on his eyebrows and in his nose and lip, girls falling all over him, even a few guys, including Marcel. Marcel is the school's nerd, constantly bullied and beaten for...