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  • Noor & Zafira
    5.6K 412 20

    [gxg] Noor hates Zafira, and Zafira hates Noor; They're content to keep it that way. But there's a fine line between hate and love, and when a speech-and-debate competition thrusts them into a world of late-night donut runs and studying to Noor's bad Spotify playlists, they might just cross it.

  • A Deal With the Devil
    534K 22.2K 53

    Lucifer, I thought. If you're actually real... If you can actually hear me... I just have one request...

  • Autumn (GirlxGirl) | #FREETHESKITTLES
    240K 11.1K 34

    What started as something so simple as meeting a possible human bear in the middle of the woods, turned out to be the greatest life Winter McCaslin could have ever had. After being ripped apart from her best friend, she had no one. And now, she had the one.

  • The Pink Pistol [Girlxgirl]
    322K 14.8K 23

    Elusive. Sexy. Lethal. Eternally infamous gun for hire Daisy Reyes is often referred to as all of the above, though what she's never been described as is boring. Posing as a pretty-in-pink florist by day, she doubles as a highly skilled mercenary by night, her talents frequently utilised by the likes of rich and powe...