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  • At Your Service
    1.3M 42.2K 43

    After Louis finally comes out of the closet, his parents don't take it so lightly and end up kicking the blue eyed boy out of their so called "loving home". Tired and alone, Louis starts to lose all hope whatsoever, all until he spots an ad for a wanted personal assistant that changes his life in ways he could never o...

  • Undercover - Larry Stylinson
    52.2K 2.1K 13

    [ON HOLD] Marcel is a well known singer and songwriter across England and beyond. Everyone loves him and his voice, there is just a small problem. No one knows what Marcel looks like. Marcel - or how his real name is, Harry Styles - never showed himself in the public eye, wanting to be known for his songs, not for his...

  • Louis || l.s
    23.8K 1.2K 23

    17-year old Harry thinks he's got it all figured out until he falls for a guy named Louis who has nothing to lose.

  • love island // larry au
    198K 7.7K 29

    a love island usa larry au. lots of flirting, pining, sexual tension, bit of drama to mix it up and of course, everyone's favorite; fluff.

  • Rich Kids - L.S.
    65K 2.7K 52

    What happens when you cross the reigning king of Chalfont St. Giles Preparatory Academy, Louis Tomlinson, with the vendetta wielding little sibling of his estranged best friend? Lots and lots of drama with a splash of sexual tension and a sprinkle of witty banter. - Disclaimer// For the majority of the story Louis is...

  • Sex Therapy//L.S
    24.7K 969 14

    A summer of visits to a sex therapist can really change Harry's life.

  • Delinquent - L.S.
    123K 3.8K 40

    Louis was the kid from the wrong side of the tracks with a one way ticket to a juvenile correction center. Harry was the goody two shoes from a fancy prep school who seemingly had it all. But both of their worlds are flipped upside down when Louis moves into Harry's home. - #1 in #larrystylinson 1/28/21

  • Kiwi (Larry)
    159K 6.4K 34

    On everyone's eighteenth birthday a tattoo shows up somewhere on their body, corresponding in some way with your soulmates' own. It could be the exact same tattoo, or one that's similar in some way or it may even be the first thing that you say to each other. Ever since he turned eighteen Louis Tomlinson has stared at...

  • Pressure
    782K 27.2K 41

    Eager to reach his families expectations, Louis lives a life of secrecy and denial. In one of the most respected households in Doncaster, there's no room for mistake. But when Louis meets Harry styles in his first year of boarding school, it seems all the more difficult to keep himself In check.

  • My cat likes you..☽ l.s
    17.7K 950 19

    "Well, my cat likes you. So you're welcome back anytime." " "I was going to show up anyways." "Awe, you'd miss me?" "No, for the cat, idiot." ______________________ story where drunk louis tomlinson accidentally ends up in angel harry styles appartment, and harry's cat loves him, so yknow contains: smut, fluff, lanuag...

  • Blasé
    2.4M 130K 58

    I won't stop until that boy is mine ©All Rights reserved. Danny Knight

  • Princes // l.s
    670K 32.3K 46

    "Does the one with the cheekbones know the prince is in love with him?" OR Where Louis and Harry are both princes who are destined to marry each other. (Arabic, Spanish and Italian translation available) •Larry Stylinson• © larry_smilinson

    Completed   Mature
  • Slut // l.s
    17.2K 1K 11

    "Why would you call yourself a slut?" "It takes the joy out of saying it behind my back." Cover by @stylinson_larryxx ❤️

  • Cocks & Cocktails // l.s
    13.2K 827 10

    Where Liam is whipped, Niall is a sassy bartender and Zayn goes by the name of Kitty, but mostly where Harry likes Louis' cocktails, but Louis just wants his cock. Until he doesn't. Larry Stylinson (with a side of Ziam) Short story ©️ larry_smilinson With moral support of @princessblou, can't believe I put up with you...

  • Story of 9 words // l.s
    168K 7.6K 32

    A short story about a boy admiring another boy. (Russian and Romanian translation available) • larry stylinson • © larry_smilinson

  • we aren't simple - l.s
    54.2K 1.9K 69

    "What are you thinking about, Hazza?" "I-" "It's alright baby take your time." "I'm scared to get it wrong." "Get what wrong?" "Me." Or, Louis is a writer, Harry is part of one direction. They meet under unfortunate circumstances involving; a mob of screaming girls, very controlling management, and Louis being the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Prompts(l.s)
    20.1K 445 23

    Larry One-shots. Smut, fluff, kinks, you name it. Mostly bottom Harry. {REQUESTS ARE OPEN}Send in your prompts! I OWN NOTHING EXCEPT THE STORYLINE

    2.6K 192 4

    Louis Tomlinson is an Omega who despises how the world works around him. How the Alphas are seen as strong and powerful where the Omegas are seen as weak and desperate. He's made it clear to anyone and everyone that he doesn't ever plan on mating in his lifetime, no matter what his inner Omega begs for. Louis never...

  • Styles Triplets - NEW
    191K 7.7K 22

    Louis, a tiny Omega, wanted to mate by twenty. He never expected to find three mates - Alphas Harry, Edward and Marcel. Original Story by: cocosfern

  • Innocence(l.s)✔
    114K 3.5K 26

    {COMPLETED} Louis, a 17 year old school boy, is the most sweetest boy you'd ever meet. Short and petite, a fiery ball of energy he was what people would say 'innocent' in many ways. He had everything anyone could ever wish for; a loving mother, 3 good friends and a respected life ahead of him. Yet all he ever wished f...

  • Sexting » Larry AU
    4.1M 135K 51

    [completed] Where Harry meets a horny older boy on Omegle. ... "So you're just gonna send me a photo?" "That's the concept of a nude, yes. Or a video, if you want." "I have a better idea." "What?" "Do you have skype?" ... ⚠️WARNING: MATURE CONTENT AND VULGAR LANGUAGE First published: 31/12-2017

    Completed   Mature
  • To The Moon and Back
    216K 9.1K 56

    "You're a sassy little Omega, aren't you?" "Still big enough to kick your ass, so watch it." ~~~~~~~~~~ alpha!harry alpha!edward alpha!marcel omega!louis ~~~~~~~~~~ best rankings: no. 1 in alphaharry no.1 in louistomlinson no.1 in marcelstyles

  • Love is a Strange Thing (Louis x Styles Twins)
    11.6K 768 12

    [ON HOLD] Louis never thought he would find love. Especially not after his own pack that is supposed to love and accept him banishes him. He never thought an alpha would accept him for him, but as he finds two that don't try to push him into the typical omega mold he realises, that love is a strange thing...

  • Baby Honey - Complete | LOUCEL
    101K 4.7K 15

    Marcel the baby of his family - so hopelessly innocent with his glasses and shy smiles. Yet so desperately in love with his brothers best friend Louis Tomlinson.

  • Demon Begging
    12K 604 32

    Harry has existed for all things dark and forbidden. He survives because others don't. It's his way. Louis belongs to a world unknown to those who don't originate from it. No heart is more vulnerable than his. They find each other and there's no stopping the inevitable. But there's something beyond the reality of the...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Pure Omega (L.S.)
    175K 8.1K 24

    There was always one strict rule know by all; Hellhounds would never be able to coexist with werewolves. But Louis Tomlinson always pushed the boundaries.

  • Birmingham Disciplinary School for Male - L.S. 2
    333K 14K 62

    Louis takes a deep breath, running his hand through his hair, "Harry, you know that I can't let you do that. Why don't we walk back to our room and you can tell me what happened." He says grabbing Harrys trembling hand, leading him to their room. They walk back in silence, hand in hand the whole time. Once they get ba...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bounty - l.s.
    2.8K 114 48

    Nine years after Louis is recruited to be a Lumineer, a bounty hunter for the heavenly sanctum of angels, he receives an assignment that transcends all his previous missions. An ex-criminal by nature, Louis is damn good at his job, and the holy council knows it. As a consequence, Louis is sent out to find out that one...

    Completed   Mature
  • Defenceless l.s
    1.2M 42.3K 73

    UNDERGOING EDETING SO IF ANYTHING DOESNT MAKE SENSE ATM... SORRY ? THOUGH I DONT REALLY CARE, ITS A FANFIC GET OVER IT Louis is abused Harry is his boss ----- When Louis quits his job, his boyfriend gets him a job interview with the infamous Harry Styles. Louis ends up as his assistant and is forced to spend a lot of...

    Completed   Mature