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  • Ours to control
    11.8K 84 3

    Sofia decides to go to the library on a Saturday night. There she meets a man and a woman while on her way to the erotic section. She starts to browse on her own when someone whispers to her "feeling horny are you" They hypnotize her and bring her home, where they can do whatever they like to her

  • The Good Little Housewife
    5.1K 19 3

    Stacy was always a rebellious girl. She never seemed to follow the rules, nor pay attention to what others expected from her. However, her boyfriend Rex changes all that, after obtaining a very valuable antique.

    Completed   Mature
  • [C] Therapy Dog
    2.2K 5 4

    Jordyn is a Husky student at Cloudy Waters Mansion. The theater student follows his classes as usual, until one day one of his classes takes an interesting turn as he gets hypnotized by a random text message, luring the student to one of the schools' tech developers. ------------------ This is a 4-part commission for...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ben and Kaa (aka Sean)
    18K 60 4

    Ben was just strolling through the jungle, when something caught his eye No rights are reserved, feel free to use my characters and story for any purposes Characters mentioned are not based on real people

  • Hypnotism
    3.4K 39 1

    My friends set me up with an appointment at a place called Gemini Hypnotists, and I have no idea what to expect. The website promised a sensual release from my worries and cares, and the two male proprietors are to die for. But just what will they do to me? Did my friends pay for sex, or just a simple massage?

    Completed   Mature
  • The Festival
    5.3K 20 2

    Chris and Josh go to a music festival where a hypnotist is performing; Chris starts to lose time, and where are his clothes? Josh can't find Chris but, he finds the hypnotist, or does the Amazing Alex find Josh first? Very NSFW.

  • Peter Pan and the Mermaids
    5.2K 41 5

    Peter Pan and Wendy visit the mermaids of Neverland, but as the sun sets a change comes over the once playful mermaids and things go awry as they find themselves hypnotized, caught in the clutches of the irresistible and insatiable sirens.

  • Mistress of Hypnosis
    2.4K 11 1

    A boy named Thomas becomes hypnotized by a lady he's never heard of

  • Hypnotist Roommate
    70.8K 684 8

    Lily Donovan has always been the "good girl," but once her new college roommate Dane moves into her apartment, she finds the phrase taking on new meaning. "Don't you want to be a good girl for me, Lily? Just listen to my voice..." Dane's hypnotic eyes and seductive words are enough to entrance her on their own. So add...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mindless
    5.5K 16 2

    Emily's friend lily comes over to Emily's house and what happens that night changes them forever~

    Completed   Mature
  • Hypnosis Stories.
    100K 433 21

    [This story will have various plots within it that consist of several different depictions of sex, nudity, hypnosis, even some kinks. This is not for the faint of heart. You have been warned.] There are all practically shemale x female stories and there is one male x female story so far. MOST STORIES WILL HAVE A CONTI...

  • Hypnosis
    98.5K 349 19

    when a desperate guy Brad came back home from college after he learned how to do hyponsis he took the first chance to use it on his childhood crush and best friend Shelly

  • Hypno and Mind Control Erotica
    47.5K 168 5

    various short stories involving fictional hypnosis or mind control, some of which are sexually explicit. Writer of fantasy and speculative fiction on the streets, bisexual polyamorous switch in the sheets. Gamer and roleplayer on the weekends. If you like my writing, please visit ko-fi to support me.

  • Destiel Hypnosis Oneshots
    21.2K 68 6

    Honestly I wasn't sure first about making this book because I don't know if anyone will like or read it but then I just went 'fuck it' and here we are.

  • Obeying My Boyfriend
    383K 1.1K 16

    "You obey me" Chase said. "Yes master, I obey you" I said, mindlessly.

  • Break My Mind - Hypnosis
    116K 553 7

    Lizbeth and Evan have been childhood friends. They both at a young age were interested in Hypnotism. One day Evan decides to try it out, invite some friends over. What was the worse that could happen? Besides their wills hopefully crumbling at his feet?

  • Obey: Short Stories About Hypnotism
    273K 914 20

    Various short stories about hypnotism and mind control. Enjoy! *Warning: Mature content* Top ranking #1 in hypnotism

  • Grim naga male reader
    25.1K 204 4

    Remaster of my snake faunas story

  • Mind control one shots/ideas /short story's
    64.4K 289 10

    Idea stories

  • Hypnosis Short Stories
    276K 601 8

    Hypnosis short stories. Read the title // comment what you want to see // vote, comment and follow. Check out my other stories and scripts!

  • Control
    69.1K 372 17

    Sarah, a teenage girl finds herself in a poor situation with her crush, Ethan. One thing leads to another and soon she has more control than she bargained for. A story about desire, control, and mistakes.. (hypnosis story) 16+ some more mature content

  • Dazed
    25.4K 149 9

    Short hypnosis stories