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  • The Opposite: Moving on
    380 30 11

    Nag-umpisa tayo sa mali. Minahal kita habang mahal mo pa siya. Pero hindi ako susuko. Kasi alam ko... Nararamdaman ko... Balang araw ako na naman... Ako naman, Nico, ang mamahalin mo.

  • Voice
    434 26 7

    Dark Series #1 Uhaw na uhaw sa alaala si Diosa Escajero. Mga alaalang nawala sa kanya pagkatapos ng aksidenteng kinahantungan ilang taon na ang nakakalipas. Na kahit pa ipinaliwanag na sa kanya ang lahat ay hindi parin sapat. May kulang-- isang malaking parte ng litrato ukol sa nangyari ang nawawala. At 'yun-- 'yun an...

  • Hugs And Kisses (SGG#3)
    288 5 2

    Sandoval Series Sharlach Sandoval, a name who has nothing to do with love-- that's what she believes. She only got three boys left around her. Not because she's not pretty enough but because others already failed and gave up. She's not your typical-type of girl. Boys? They drool. They always want her. She got everythi...

  • Take Me Back (SSG#2)
    962 16 4

    Sandoval Series There are moments when Lilie wish she had the superpower to undo things. she can put things right to its place. re-think all her thoughts. correct her mistakes. stay up late-- texting him. drink coffee with him on the corner of their favorite coffee shop. The power that co...

  • Girl In The Dark (SSG#1)
    1.4K 48 7

    Sandoval Series She's not a vampire but she loves staying in the dark. Awake at night. Pale skin. And always hiding from the people. That's the life of Angel Ameya Sandoval, an eighteen year old girl living in a city with her long sleeves and hooded jacket. Everything was fine for her not until a letter, sitting on a...

  • This Time, It's Real
    5.9K 101 10

    This time, we all want someone who can prove to us that tears for them will always be worth it. That they will never leave us broken but instead make memories for us to be better. Tears are the only clue that we learn things in a way we deserve. Love until you're tired. Live until you want. Let go if it's too much.

  • Wright's Stain
    2.8K 32 2

    [NOT FOR TEENS] Every girl wanted his attention but few received chances. His wild behavior made him loved by lot of girls. He defines what pretty hard boy really is. An opposite on what she dreams of... Magic... Fairy tale... Prince... Pretty much of a fantasy... But strange things come too... And being stained by hi...

  • To Stay With (SSB#3B)
    22K 834 16

    Sandoval Series: BOOK 2 Vincrist, the ideal man girls always look up to. Life's been good to him, always in his favor. He had a family who loves him so much and a girl who won't turn her back no matter what mistake he had done in the past. He didn't expect things to come out his way with its worst form. That a day wil...

  • To Let Go (SSB#3A)
    69.4K 2K 32

    Sandoval Series: BOOK 1 It's hard to give up when you can still fight. Lalo na kung alam mong may hawak kang pwedeng magpanalo sa'yo sa huli. Pero para kay Coss, hindi lahat ng laban dapat mong ipanalo. Minsan kailangan mo ring sumuko at magpalaya, tumalikod at maglakad palayo. Hindi maling mangarap na maging masaya...

  • Emla (SSB#2)
    24.2K 191 5

    Brilliant mind. Smoky eyes. Thin lips. Red heels. Emla Mendoza, came from the most elite family. Kinaiinggitan dahil sa galing at gandang taglay. Lahat pinupuri siya. Lahat inaasam na makuha siya. Above the compliments is a hidden girl. A girl who once wished that money haven't revolved her-- dahil dun nawala sa kany...

  • The Forbidden Affair (SSB#4)
    1.3M 8.3K 15

    Sandoval Series: He's so moody. That's how Calla Amia Samonte describes the ultimate Peter Yñigo Sandoval. Sometimes he snobs. Minsan naman sobrang sweet. His behavior's a bit confusing kaya nga, kahit na sa tinagal-tagal na panahon, she never abandoned her first love. The mystery brought her in the most forbidden pla...

  • Tease Me (SSB#1)
    426K 9.8K 47

    Sandoval Series: Boys Crystal Scarlet Delagado, a girl who tries to make her life more meaningful was brought back to the memories she never wanted to remember. It brought her so much sadness and anger. She told herself she'll never let it overpower her life and destroy her but life's too tricky... Ang puntong alam ni...