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  • The Shadow Summoner | Book Three - PJO Universe
    13.7K 560 78

    Ariana Parker, now seventeen years old, the daughter of Hades continues her journey. Though, studying for senior year and helping out at Camp Half-Blood isn't as easy as it seemed at first. When a former god shows up and is in need of help, what will Ariana do? Will she tell him to go away like her friend, Percy Jac...

  • The Veiled Legacy | PJO - Book Two
    29.2K 743 100

    One war has ended and another had just begun... Follow Ariana as she embarks on a new journey which uncovers the truth that has been concealed.. "Eight half-bloods shall answer the call. To storm or fire, the world must fall. The daughter of Hades must go, On a quest she must embark If she fails the journey that lies...

  • The Forbidden Daughter | PJO Book One
    110K 2.8K 103

    In which, a young teenage demigod girl learns about herself and her family and has to learn how to deal with trauma. Friendships form and break. And In the centre of it all: pain. Started- 28 June 2023 End- 16 September 2023 IN PROCESS OF EDITING