I Am Your Shadow!

By AshanTrueDragonGod

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When Yggdrasyl ended Momonga wasn't the only one of the guild Ainz Ooal Gown who was send to the new world a... More

Chapter 1: The New World
Chapter 2: A Battle, No A Massacre
Chapter 4: Not As Planed...
Chapter 5: ... But Still Working
Chapter 6: World Item!?
I Need Your Opinions
Chapter 7: The Lizardmen
Chapter 8: New Government
Chapter 9: The Villages New Inhabitants
Chapter 10: Taming Beasts
Chapter 11: Attack And Consequences
QUESTION!!! (Vote Closed!)
Chapter 12: Time For Some Lore
Chapter 13: The Duel

Chapter 3: The Other World Inside The Tomb

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By AshanTrueDragonGod

What happened so far...
Momonga has saved a village and Kage and him gathered information. Kage learned to read the native language and they established that most persons are below their capabilities. But how will the Tomb change if a floor no one is allowed to enter opens its gates for allies and a whole world is to be seen?

Also, have a dancing Entoma.

3rd person pov

Creation is a delicate process, as long as you aren't Kage, from the guild Ainz Ooal Gown, he had an addiction to the process of creating, it did not matter what: NPCs, new Monstrosities that weren't existing in Yggdrasil or his floor that has the size of a continent. After his return, Kage did not bother to attend the meeting, where Momonga renames himself, as he has things to do and to make sure everything is in order. As his floor is by far the largest of all floors in Nazarick it is clear that he needs much help to guard it and make sure that everything is going as it should, can't have a take over by the mindless beasts he created. The real problem is not the scale of the floor but the beings inhabiting it they are numerous and although there is a system to order them, this system is only for the sentient beings under his rule, they have sorted into three categories demigods, gods, and titans and while the demigods with twelve
Beings are the largest group the most powerful are the Titans which is why they aren't allowed to leave the floor and so they guard the nine entrances each of which is connected to one of the other floors with exception of the throne room and of course the treasury, but the fact that each of the Titans is at the level of a raid boss it is very unlikely that they will be beaten. And while the Titans guard the floor entrances the demigods guard twelve of the thirteen floors of the dark Cathedral that reaches for the Light. The gods are those that are the closest to Kage and include of course his floor guardian Nemesis as well as his little girl Nezuko.

(A/n: More will be revealed later if desired if you are already happy with what you got then ignore this statement.)

The demigods are:

Each of them has a floor designed exclusively for them. The biggest problem Kage has had was that he just couldn't stop creating more and more NPCs and so when Yggdrasil shut down he created a whole world with its nature in which animals from the earth, like deers, live side by side with beings from fantasy literature, myths and so one, an example is the Griffin from Greek and Persian mythology. But right now Kage is at his wit's end and the reason for that is that his subordinates are simply absolute airheads, well at least some are.

Kage:" What is so hard to understand in this, I have decided that we will open our gates to the Great Tomb of Nazarick, and the Titans are already prepared for that, Why do you guys have a problem with it?"

From the guardians of his very own home only Virgo can talk like a human, although the others don't despise humans like most of the residents of Nazarick, they still won't talk normally. Which in turn is a great problem for Kage as he has to know what happens on their respective floors. For now, he lets the guardians of the Cathedral go back to whatever they were doing beforehand, so he can close the entrances of his floor to talk with the Titans.

Small Timeskip brought to you by

The Titans beings of immense power, that can rival the master of the eleventh floor, that is what the sentient beings in said floor whisper as said Titans make their way from the gates they protect to their master.

The Titans are:

(A/n: Lore included. And no I didn't make any of those I simply found them on Pinterest.)

Diogene:" Master you have called and we answer what is your desire?"

Kage:" It is time to open the gates for our allies so they know what they have been denied for so long."

Probation:" It shall be done, master."

Kage:" Good. Nemesis make sure that the guardians don't attack our guests. Quinterra your gate will be open for them, Tiggron, Wolfracture, and Manavartin you will continue your patrols, and Nezuko and I will make sure they arrive here. Now go."

The Titans make their way back to their respective gates and Nemesis makes her way to the other guardians and Kage and Nezuko make their way to the other side of the Terra-gate.

Ainz pov

Kage has called me, the floor guardians, and the Pleiades to the sixth floor.

Kage:" Good you are all here."

Ainz:" And why have you called us all here?"

Kage:" That is an easy question the reason is this."

He points at the gate behind him and slowly it opens.

3rd person pov

Ainz:' Does he intend to show us his floor?'

Albedo:' It doesn't matter what he will show us he isn't superior to lord Ainz.'

Shalltear:' OH I can't wait after seeing this gigantic being that guards this gate!'

Cocytus:' Let's see if there are enemies worthy of being called warriors.'

Aura:' How many new creatures may there be?'

Mare:' What kind of new plants are existing on this floor.'

Demiurge:' What kind of beings does Lord Kage have under his command?'

As the gate opened fully Kage turns around and walks inside followed by Nezuko. While Ainz enters without hesitation as well as Shalltear and Aura, the others are more unwilling not knowing what may wait at the other side, will it be dangerous or is it a trap?

But in the end, they all enter and find a dessert that is seemingly unending but one thing is much more strange. The sky is covered with thick grey clouds that seem to signal rain but not a single drop falls.

Aura:" That is all?"

Kage:" Oh no this is simply one of the habitats that exist on my floor you see there?"

He points in the distance and there seems to be a small hole in the clouds. Then he points in the other direction.

Kage:" In that end, you find the end of the floor, where the hole in the clouds is there is my home. And we have a lot to see but first, all of you turn around."

They do and have to look up, there is Quinterra the guardian of the desert.

Kage:" Ease up guys this is Quinterra the guardian of the desert, his territory goes to the mountains that surround the desert and as you notice although there is no sun it still is very hot but not as hot as the territory we will visit next, so follow me and don't wander off you may not find your way back."

Natural:" My lord is it dangerous to wander off alone or would we simply get lost?"

Kage:" Oh I have created multiple animals and other beings that inhabit this floor and the only ones that I can command are my guardians and the gate guards and there is already one of the beings that live here."

Up ahead is a being looking like a wolf but with thorns all over its body and it isn't alone.

Kage:" These are Thorne wolf's and although they are the most common type of predator on my floor there are beings that can scare even those guys."

Suddenly there is a screech and the wolves make haste to getaway. From above comes a being that looks like a white-feathered dragon.

Aura:" You have Dragons here?! That is so awesome!"

Kage:" That is not a dragon, it's a griffin, but there are some dragons here too."

Kage:" For you Aura, there are some beings that you can tame but first we would need to find them and that is not the purpose of your visit. But we can do that another time."

Aura:" Aww, then another time."

They walk a while until they see something in the distance.

Kage:" This is Allasandrier the city that is our gateway to the other habitats."

The city is lively and the bass is great and flourishing. But that isn't the stop for then no it is the place where the caravans hold.

Kage:" From here on we will travel with a caravan of our own but it won't be a comfortable ride as we have to be fast or else we have to end this tour before you have seen everything."

They walk a bit further and Kage tells them what they will use to travel, Perytons a being half bird and half stag.

They are the fastest flyers in Nazarick and probably the new world as well. When all of them have found a fitting Peryton they fly away and from above the see how big this floor is.

Surrounded by an ocean that is guarded by Ninlathal, many beings are seen but they are too fast to notice something and over the ice dessert they stop as they see a gigantic being this is Frostecton the guard of this icy habitat but it is also the habitat with the less living beings so there is not much to be seen. But over the mountains, there are multiple beings in the sky but Kage warned that getting too close would end in the death of at least one of them. The most outstanding being is the great Soratobu Raion, which means Flying Lion.

And hi main meal is Perytons. And in the mountains is also the gate that is guarded by Raothun who is like a walking storm and behind the mountains is a place that is only heat and molten rock, this is the territory of Dormagdon the great living Vulcano. But in the distance is a mountain that is completely dead nothing goes near it as it is the territory of none other than Mythalamund the harbinger of death. But after that come to the wide Plaines which are the territory of Probation. This habitat has many creatures but not as much as the great jungle surrounding the middle of this continent. Beings that live in the plains are the Illaqueatus which are a mix of horse and antelope.

Or the Fesbra a mix of rhino and stag.

Of course, there are other animals of the real world but the most interesting part is the jungle and so they land and the Perytons make their way home.

Mare:" Will they make it?"

Kage:" Don't worry they know the way home."

And so they make their way into the jungle and not long after they find the first wildlife.

This is the king of the forest a Centaur not to be confused with Kentaures the half-man, half-horse lives in the plains. But it isn't the biggest being in the jungle this trophy goes to the Anphiant.

In herds, these calm giants wander through the forest always searching for food. Of course, there are predators like the Mouthwolf.

Or the Ornithodrakon which also lives in the plains.

But the most imposing thin in the jungle is not the wildlife or the plants but a building.

Kage:" A d this is my and Nezukos home. The great dark Cathedral that reaches the Light. And inside are my guardians but most of them don't talk so don't take that as an offense. And there are twelve floors inside not counting the throne room and my quarters."

The first floor is a wide area with nay small mountains and rivers.

The second is a labyrinth without doors or walls but unending ways and stairs.

The third is a graveyard with fog so thick that one can't see the hand in front of them.

The fourth is a wide beach and a deep sea.

The sixth is an arena like the one on the sixth floor of Nazarick but smaller.

The seventh is an observatory of the classic Greek age.

The eighth is a prison with a single gigantic cell.

The ninth is a dessert with gigantic dunes.

The tenth is a wide plain that goes up to the horizon.

The eleventh is a labyrinth of rivers.

The twelfth is a wide lagune.

Each of the floors is designed for their guardians and they can't change even though some may seem to resemble each other.

And last is the throne room with its three thrones and dark atmosphere.

Kage:" Well that was a short tour through my  floor and what do you think?"

The others aren't lively as Kage they are exhausted which in itself is a feat that is hard to accomplish. The only ones not exhausted are Ainz, Sebas, Aura, and Cocytus.

Ainz:" When Peroroncino told me that you were addicted to creating NPCs and new beings I didn't believe him but now if he was still here I would have lost the bet we made. But now we have to go back to work."

Kage:" Then follow me the last time and you can leave."

He walks behind the biggest throne and opens a door that shows the throne room of the tomb. Ainz, the floor guardians, and the Pleiades walk through and so the night ends and Kage and Nezuko go to bed.
So the longest chapter so far. What do you guys think did I overdo it or is it alright to do this, let me know if you enjoyed this chapter.

The next one is again following the main story until then have a nice day or night wherever you are.

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