👑Goddess Of All 👑

By AbdielDelarosa2

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The goddess of all with a bit of nalu romance More

chapter 1:heart break💔
chapter 2: My desicion
chapter 3:my quest
chapter 4 :the truth
chapter 5:the reunion
chapter 6 : training
chapter 7: the queen is back

lucys armours

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By AbdielDelarosa2

Flight armour

Ice demon armour

Fire demon armour

Aurora priestess armour

Mermaid armour

Lighting armour

Shadow priestess armour

Celestial  priestess armour

Water  warrior armour

Holy empress armour

Purity armour

Spear master armour

Poison demon armour

Spring armour

Sky maiden armour

Water priest armour

Holy queen armour

shining  light armour

ill do the custom armour later ok,Bye-bye

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created in 2014. completed in 2015. horrible writing warning-