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The familiar face from the photo album

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By SamikoTomoe9090



Riku: "Here we come, it is time for our adventures of the Western Lands that the great dog demon once held."

Towa: "On our adventures to the west we come across a big castle that looked abandoned but the upkeep is amazing as if it never saw war."

Moroha: "Inside the castle we meet a priestess that holds the same last name as my mother and Towa, she seems nice but she is always heavily on guard."

Setsuna: "We also find out that she was cursed by zero, her curse was different from my mother rin's curse. Since zero was defeated her curse was finally broken."

Takechiyo: "We are traveling around the west to get stronger and get more knowledge."


Chapter 1: The familiar face from the photo album

Last time on Yashahime the 2nd act

Everyone was reunited with their families enjoying whatever time they could get before the girls left on their adventures for strength and knowledge

Rin and Sesshoumaru had a long talk with their daughters (Mostly Rin spoke and Sesshoumaru was quiet against the wall watching his wife talk to their daughters

Rin looked at her daughters

"We have prepared you for what is coming next, Towa and Setsuna. I know it is not easy being the daughters of lord Sesshoumaru and I. You two are at the age of being on your own already.

I hope the lessons you learn on your journey helps you understand the world more. The world may be a scary place but it will shield you from most things as long as you two have each other."

Meanwhile at Kagome and Inuyasha's hut

Moroha was eating dinner with her parents and was enjoying the warmth of being with her loving parents

Kagome smiled

"Moroha you leave tomorrow with Towa and Setsuna right? I want you to take some lessons from your father and I to prepare for your trip to the west."

Moroha looked at her mother with a interested look

"Sure mom, what are the important things to know about when I travel with my cousins?"

Inuyasha cleared his throat

"Moroha, I want you to be very careful, having parents like us will make you a target. I know you can protect yourself, you have proven that for fourteen years without us being here.

You aren't a baby anymore. I know that you will be safe because you have the twins with you."

Kagome nodded with a smile

"I am sure Moroha will be fine even without the twins, she is your daughter after all. Moroha you are a strong and caring young girl, always help others even when they do not ask for it.

There is nothing wrong with depending on others, you have a team now and you aren't alone anymore. You have a family. Depend on that strength.

I am sure Rin and Sesshoumaru are having this conversation with their daughters."

Inuyasha blinked

"My brother isn't much of a talker kagome, Rin is probably saying what sesshoumaru feels inside and he will just nod or stay silent on the matter."

Moroha nodded

"I will take these lessons with me as we travel, thank you mom and dad. I wonder what waits for me and the twins when we travel out west."

Kagome giggled

"The world is a big and beautiful place, scary but beautiful. The world is full of wonder."

The next morning setsuna went to kaede's village to get a quick sparring session with hisui before she left

She beat him and he wanted to go again but she stopped him in his track

Setsuna looked at Hisui

"I will be leaving to travel, so I have to prepare for it. You won't be seeing me for a while, Hisui."

She had her back turned for a moment

Hisui looked at Setsuna

"How long will you be gone for?"

Setsuna looked at the sky

"I don't know, but during my travels I hope to get stronger and gain more knowledge of myself and my powers. Also Princess Aiya wanted me to deliver you a letter "

Hisui sighed

"Why is it always me she requests to see?"

Setsuna laughed

"You're pretty dense huh, Hisui? I am sure it's a love letter. You might become a lord."

Hisui looked confused a newborn deer trying to walk

"Wha- No! It's you that i-"

Setsuna turned around

"Uh oh I have to prepare, I'll see you later, Hisui!"

She waved and ran off to prepare for her trip

Hisui watched setsuna jump into the air and stood with his feet on the ground

"Geez, who's really the dense one?"

Later that morning

The yashahime group left their parents to start their training journey to the western province

They finished up their battle on riku's ship which he rightfully inherited from kirinmaru and lady zero

They sat down to relax after that minor battle

Setsuna stayed outside to continue her training with her weapon

Moroha and Towa stayed with Riku below deck to see where they are going next

Riku looked up to the ship's wall with some information

"I have information, we will use the ship to travel there.

We are heading to the castle where your grandfather the great dog demon once used as his home before his untimely death

I hear someone with great power now holds that castle there but she means no harm

I presume he left her to maintain in his absence.

I know the woman but not personally, she traveled with him alot even if it was for a short amount of time."

Towa stood up with a kinda jealousy in her eyes

"Riku? Please stand up. I wanna check your eyes for a moment.

Riku stares in confusion and stood up against the wall nervous

Towa punched the ship's wall with riku against it and once again he fell to the floor

So you know this woman? But not personally? If you know her... What does she look like?

Riku gulped in fear

"Did I say I know her but not personally? Let me rephrase that Lady Towa.

What I meant to say was... I know of her because of the stories lord kirinmaru and lady zero told me.

The great dog demon in fact traveled with this human.

She came from the other side of time travel.... Much like lady kagome......"

Moroha blinked with excitement

"Like my mom?!"

This woman came from my mom's time period to .. travel... With grandpa?

She sounds interesting. I wonder if she used the well to time travel.

My mom said she used the well a lot to travel between the two worlds."

Riku gulped in fear knowing now towa has a jealous streak and he preferred not to die on a ship

"I am not sure lady moroha, all i know is that she is very close to the dog demon family and has truly great spiritual powers.

We are traveling into your grandfather's domain.

I am sure we will run into her sooner or later. Whoever she is or whatever she looks like."

Setsuna came down below deck and sat up against the wall

" This is the first time I have been on a ship.

It is very big just for two people. We are in the Iyo province so we should be landing further in the Western province."

Riku nodded

"Yes lady Setsuna, we should be landing by nightfall.

There are many castles in and around the iyo province.

We can slay demons and get our boarding to stay if the demon is that powerful."

Moroha smiled with a childish grin

"I am up for anything as long as we get paid for these demon slaying jobs, I know my debt is paid off but making money is what I am good at.

I am interested in seeing what this family

member looks like, if she truly exists. I wonder if she looks like mom and uncle Sota."

Riku blinked

"I have never seen the woman personally, the great dog demon didn't let her see battle until she was fully trained and prepared educationally for it.

She was trained under lord Sesshoumaru's mother, lord Inuyasha's mother and the great dog demon.

I do not know why he would keep her from battle if she was already prepared for it, I guess from what I have heard is that her feelings were locked up and she was going through something rough and it was holding her back, that is all the information i know at the moment."

Towa thought to herself

"There are more of us Higurashi family members around, i wonder if i saw her picture somewhere.

Papa Sota did show me a lot of family photos, now that I think about it.... I believe I saw a picture of her but it was a fleeting moment type of thing.

We better prepare for this meeting if we ever run into her, i mean not all Higurashis look the same right?

Moroha looks just like her dad but is sweet like her mother. I wonder if this family member knows how well the family got more super close or if kagome is ok."

Moroha pinched her cousin's cheek

"Yo Towa you ok? It is time to eat, stop spacing out and focus. We are almost to shore."

Setsuna was already eating her plain bowl of rice and grilled fish with a quiet look on her face

She looked out the window from where she was sitting and the moonlight shined in through the ship's deck window

The ship landed by the dock, Riku and Towa made sure the ship was secured and locked

The group walked around on high alert making sure they didn't stick out like a sore thumbs

The villagers didn't seem to mind the new guests that appeared out of nowhere

Riku sensed a powerful presence in the area and he wondered if the castle he spoke of is close by

He sensed both demon and spiritual powers mixed in one, they kept walking until they reached an inn

The family welcomed the guests inside to eat and to rest since they seemed to have traveled far to get here

Riku looked at their host

"Excuse me Madam host, I have a question to ask if that's ok with you."

Their host looked at Riku with a curious look

"Ask away young man, is it about the castle that's North west of here? I wouldn't go near it, it is haunted by the ghost of the dog demon who once ruled this province.

There is a strong presence of a ghost and a miko in the walls of that castle, she is waiting for her teacher to return.

She came from the Reiwa era, Modern day Tokyo. I do not know how she came here but she has a mission to finish according to the tale."

After the group ate and rested they stayed in the hut wondering if it's that family member Riku spoke of

The next morning the group woke up to thank the hostess for the meal and the boarding in their home last night

They made their way to the castle not knowing what they will see or who would they meet

Once they made their way over the mountain, they finally made it to the castle, it didn't look abandoned like their host said

It was in tip top shape and looked like it never saw battle before, it also looked like it was just remodeled

Moroha being childish like her father just rushed right in and forced opened the door

"This is going to be great, it seems like there are no guards here and this place is held by a powerful barrier.

I don't smell anyone here, maybe it is haunted and abandoned. We can properly make ourselves at home and known."

Riku felt the uneasiness in the air, if you could tell the air was thick and cold and you could slice it with a sword

They didn't know they were being watched from inside a tree branch, the aura of this person was hidden very well and she had her bow and arrow ready

She powered up her weapon and sniffed the air trying to catch their scents, she shot her arrow with a mix of her hanyou and miko power combined aiming it at them

Moroha sensed danger pushing Towa and Setsuna out the way so they wouldn't purified by a sacred arrow

Riku ran towards them

"Lady Towa and Lady Setsuna, are you both ok?"

Moroha glared at the tree and growled

"Whoever is there, show yourselves. You pissed off the wrong quarter demon!"

She took out her sword waiting to be attacked from any angle

The woman flipped jumped out of the tree standing in front of the Yashahime group, there she stood at least five foot six, well toned, silver eyes, long brown hair with green highlights going through each strand

She didn't wear the traditional miko clothing like kagome did, she wore sweatpants and a tank top and running sneakers

She had large tattoos on each side of her body and arms, she also had piercings on each side of her ears

Riku was still tending to Towa and Setsuna since Moroha did push them out the way hard but it was to keep them out of harm's way

The woman walked up to the group with her guard up

"Who are you and what do you want with my sensei's castle? Do you kids think it's wise to enter such a castle without saying who you are?

You all could've died just now because I was heavily guarded and shot my arrows at you, be lucky I didn't use my triple bladed sword on any of you."

Her foot was tapping rapidly and with anger

Riku was nervous and backed off

"We are sorry madam, we didn't mean to intrude or anything like that. We are looking for a missing family member of lady kagome, Lady Moroha and Lady Towa.

We heard she was guarding this castle waiting for the great dog demon to return to continue her training."

The woman looked at the group with curious eyes and decided to play a game with them without actually telling them

"What does this woman look like? What is her name?"

Riku blinked

"I believe the great dog demon referred to her as Samiko Higurashi. She was a mortal woman who time traveled from the Reiwa era to the Heian period to train under the great dog demon himself.

I heard he trained her along with her ladyship and with Lord Inuyasha's mother. She was five foot two, brown hair, silver eyes and I heard she had a temper and a smart mouth to back it up.

She would let her emotions get the better of herself half the time, she only battled when she came back to the heian period."

The woman thought to herself with a small smirk

"Oh she is closer than you think you dummies, but let's continue this game just for fun."

Riku kept staring at the woman

"I heard she was an excellent scholar in the Reiwa period, but she met the demon of her dream, as you know it takes too long for a ever lasting love to blossom, I heard her husband was a full demon but trapped in a mortal's body and she shot him with an arrow.

I am only saying this based on what I have heard passing by, I can not confirm or deny if these events have actually happened.

I have also heard the great dog demon didn't let her see battle until her powers were fully under control and stable."

The woman cleared her throat and giggled

" Samiko Higurashi you say? Her husband is in fact a full fledged demon and a scholar as well since they attended the same schools and such.

He belongs to the wolf clan but he is a different type, he is a wolf mixed with thunder and lightning.

His marks on his body, anyone can see them since it is out there in the open, those are his tribe marks.

His name is Raiden Hayashi, he was adopted into a well rounded family in the reiwa era. You can say he was a smooth talker and had a way with words."

Riku blinked

"Are you lady Samiko Higurashi-Hayashi?"

Samiko looked at the group

"I am Samiko Higurashi-Hayashi, I am head of the Higurashi shrine in the Reiwa era. I am also the older cousin of Kagome and Sota Higurashi.

Who wants to know this sensitive information? Who do you work for? Did Zero and Kirinmaru send you four to me?

Those two kept me away from my family for far too long, I missed out on seeing Kagome and Sota grow up.

I missed too many family events and other things because of the curse zero placed on me, she threatened to end my entire bloodline if I came anywhere close to my family again, so after I graduated college I moved with my husband Raiden back to the Heian era and lived the rest of my life with him and our growing family.

My kids are in the Reiwa era in school, my husband works there as well to keep an eye on them.

I keep an eye on our home here. I am surprised any of you broke through my barrier. My barrier is mixed with thunder and lightning with some of my miko powers poured into it.

I am training to prepare for my fight with zero and have this damn curse removed so I can finally be reunited with my family."

Setsuna moved in front of moroha and towa staring down samiko

" I can assure you zero and kirinmaru are no more Ms.Higurashi, It was a hassle but they were both defeated.

I cut all the threads of fate between zero and her enemies. She had my mother under a silver scaled curse.

It was hard but we saved our mother at the end, your curse was broken."

Samiko sniffed the air catching Sesshomaru's scent

"You two kids look familiar, are you two Sesshoumaru's daughters?"

Towa blinked

"You know our father?"

Samiko sighed

"Sesshoumaru and I do not get along, he is a real stick in the mud. He is upset that I was the first human to basically deflect your grandfather's windscar.

He didn't see the need for me to be around your grandparents and I would be the end of them.

He would come and go because he felt like it, he didn't watch any of my trainings. He just floated around.

I took my teachings very seriously and applied them well. I was supposed to help your grandfather one night in a battle but he wouldn't hear of it.

All and all I am responsible for his death, if i had gone with him that night he would have been well protected.

His entire family would have been protected, Inuyasha wouldn't have had such a terrible childhood.

I would have protected that child with my life but her ladyship, Inuyasha's mother and lord toga didn't want me to see that type of battle."

Towa blinked

"I am sure that grandma and lady Izayoi wouldn't blame you for our grandfather's death, he did what any man would do, he protected you and his family.

They didn't want you to give up your life because you had your own family to protect. You are now free from zero's curse and you can be reunited with your family.

I am sure that they would be happy to see you again and that you are doing well for yourself."

Samiko noticed Moroha and blinked

"W-who are you young lady? You wear the same clothes as Inuyasha."

Moroha scratched her cheek carefully and bashfully

"I am M-moroha the demon killer, u-um m-my parents are Kagome and Inuyasha. They were sealed in the black pearl for fourteen years and we just reunited not too long ago.

H-hi b-big cousin Samiko. Nice to m-meet you."

Samiko froze in like a black and white sketch book and had the chibi face on and she fainted

Riku caught her in time before she hit the floor

"I think she fainted from shock is all, I guess news didn't spread out this far for her to hear anything of Lady Moroha's birth or your births lady towa and Lady setsuna.

We need to get her inside the castle before her husband and children get home. We will have to explain to the lord of the house why his wife is in a state of shock."

He carried Samiko inside and placed her in a sleeping bag

Towa got a bucket and filled it with water placing a dry rag inside

Setsuna blinked

"I believe she is shocked about everything, it is a lot of news to take in for one morning. We overshared the information that probably didn't need to be shared."

Towa placed the wet cold rag on samiko's forehead

"Lady Samiko is also pregnant. I think she is having a boy. We broke into her house, Moroha. When she wakes up, you need to apologize to her."

Moroha chuckled like her dad

"I didn't think she would be that shocked that mom had a baby, but i will apologize to her as soon as she wakes up. She is our family and sooner or later we will have to tell mom and dad we ran into her.

They are going to want to know she is alive and well, most likely mom will have a cry fest."

Towa nodded and she sensed that Samiko's family had returned, the group waited and continued to take care of samiko as she slept

Raiden had entered the house with his seven kids and he had confusion on his face

"Kids go into your room while I speak with our guests, It's ok. Papa will be ok."

Haruka (Their older son) Took his younger siblings into their rooms

"We know dad, we will be out if you need us. Let's go guys."

Raiden looked at his wife in the sleeping bag and with a cold rag on her head

"What happened to my dearest buttercup? Who are you people and how did you break into our castle with my wife's barrier being so strong?

No normal person can break through my wife's barrier."

Moroha was nervous

"We are um family members of this woman that passed out, I am Moroha. My parents are Inuyasha and Kagome.

This is Towa and Setsuna, my cousins. This is Riku the lost pirate king."

Raiden took a good look at Moroha and Gasped

"K-kagome had a child? With the great dog demon's son? My wife must have fainted from total shock from taking in such news. We do not get that much village news since we have a sealed off castle and it is protected. The villagers down from here must think this place is haunted but that is not the case.

Lord Sesshoumaru didn't want the castle after his father passed so I think the great dog demon would have wanted samiko to be kept intact and protected.

She completed her mission and now she is a retired miko and crafted sword fighter. She travels from time to time to the Reiwa era to keep current with the news there but other than that she stays here.

She has been cursed for many years and it bothers her because she can not see her family anymore in the Reiwa era."

Setsuna blinked

"Lord Raiden, your wife's curse is broken, Zero has been defeated along with kirinmaru. I broke the curse and many others.

I am sure lady Samiko would love to see her family again and probably love to spend time with Moroha since she is directly family to her through her mother."

Samiko finally woke up and rubbed her eyes, she sat up carefully

"Raiden, welcome home dearest, how are the kids? Did they start their homework yet? I will get dinner started shortly."

Moroha hugged Samiko tightly

"I am sorry cousin Samiko for shocking you but it is understandable. I am sure mom will be happy to see you."

Raiden smiled at the small reunion

"Samiko dear, Go see Kagome. This child is proof enough that Kagome has done well for herself, she is alive and well and married.

I wonder who married Sesshoumaru, he swore he would never bed anyone but these two twins are proof that their mother is human."

Samiko hugged Moroha

"She hugs just like her mother Kagome, brings back memories. The mother of the twins is the girl we always saw Sesshoumaru and Jaken with, I believe her name was Lady Rin.

I can't believe she tied that jerk face down and gave him a family."

Setsuna bowed in respect

"I am sorry if my father treated you in a rude way, Lady Samiko, I can assure you he has changed.

I do not know how my mother did it but it was a miracle, I think he understands how the world works now."

Samiko didn't let go of Moroha

"Setsuna, I do not blame you nor your sister for his shortcomings. You do not need to apologize on his behalf.

I am glad the entire dog demon clan is alive and well, thriving. That is all I wanted from the very start.

I wanted peace between demons and humans, no war, no bloodshed. My mission is really complete.

If I were to see Kagome, I wouldn't know what to say or how to act around her. It has been years, I mean years, I don't want to shock her or make her faint, you know."

Moroha smiled

"I have an idea, Hey Takechiyo, can you fly back to grandma kaede's village and ask shippo to bring mom and dad here.

My mom will be happy if she sees cousin Samiko again."

Takechiyo looked at Moroha

"I will bring Lady Kagome and Lord Inuyasha here with Shippo's help. I will be back."

He transformed and flew towards kaede's village

Kagome and Inuyasha were under the sacred tree relaxing enjoying the breeze, they were cuddling and about to kiss

Shippo was hiding in a tree and he was going to prank inuyasha for being all lovey dovey with Kagome in broad daylight

Takechiyo made it to the village to find shippo

"Master Shippo, I need your help. Where are moroha's parents? I have to bring them to her right away."

Shippo heard Takechiyo call for him and he appeared in front of the young raccoon dog

"Why do you need Kagome and Inuyasha for? Is Moroha in grave danger?"

Takechiyo shook his head

"It's something bigger than the world or any demon fight. I need her parents to be brought to her now, she asked for you to bring them to the iyo region."

Shippo crossed his arms

"It must be super important, I will bring them to moroha. Exactly where do I drop them off?"

Takechiyo blinked

"The castle of the great dog demon, Moroha has a surprise for her mother, it's the surprise of a lifetime."

Shippo ran towards Kagome and Inuyasha

"Kagome! Inuyasha! We need to travel out west. Moroha needs you both. I have news from Takechiyo the raccoon dog that she has a surprise of a lifetime for kagome.

Hurry up and let's go!"

He took out his smashing top and hopped on

Kagome and Inuyasha hopped on and they flew to where moroha and company was

Once they landed they saw the giant castle in good shape and saw that the door was opened all the way

Inuyasha blinked

"All i can smell is my old man here, this must be his old castle, but why would Moroha want us here."

Moroha ran towards her mother and father

"Hi Mom and Dad, I am glad you made it here and safely. Mom, I have a huge surprise for you here.

Follow me, come along now."

She led her mother to the back courtyard with a big grin

Kagome followed Moroha to the back courtyard, she saw a cherry tree and how full in bloom it was

"Moroha, what is the surprise? You brought us to this castle because--"

She saw who was under the tree and rubbed her eyes to see if her eyes were in fact playing tricks on her, they weren't Kagome finally saw her cousin after so long

Moroha smiled and gave her mom a nudge

"Mom, go ahead and see Big cousin Samiko. She has been waiting to see you for a very long time now."

Kagome had tears in her eyes

"S-samiko? Is it really you?"

Samiko got up from under the tree

"H-hey Kagome, long time no see."

She rubbed the back of her head nervously

Kagome ran into her cousin's arms while crying in the process and hugged her tightly

Samiko didn't know how to react but she hugged her baby cousin after so many years

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