mafia stepbrother BTS FF

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park y/n a 18 years old girl and heartless girl have many secret ,have a sister .bts most dangerous mafia wh... More

intro part 2
chapter-1 boyfriend
chapter 2 meeting
chapter 3 dangerous side of y/n
chapter 4 bullied , apologize
Chapter 6 wedding day
chapter 7 rules and crush
intro for new characters
ara's past
chapter 9 EXO
chapter 10 replace, regret
chapter apologize and bonding
chapter mission and party
chapter destroy and family
thank you
chapter BTS past and accepted
chapter office sleepover
chapter cockroach and love
happy birthday kookie
chapter love
chapter kidnapped
happy birthday our joonie
chapter save and betrayal
chapter sad day and y/n past
chapter war and secrets
chapter war and destroy
chapter secrets revealed(final episode)

chapter 5 shopping and bonding

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By Skylar_star_racer

Mom: thanks sweetie and can you come to the xxx mall and your sister and brother also
Y/n: stepbrothers and okay I will tell them

Y/n:(I again when to rooftop to see if bts are still there yes there here)
Jin: what are you doing here?
Y/n:mom said to come this xxx mall with me and my sister,so I said I am going bye
Jin: wait don't you come with us?
Y/n:nah if you need  I ask my sister she will come with if you ok with it
Jin:oh sure
Y/n:go to Parking lot I come with my sister
Y/n:(then I went to call my sister)(I saw she studing in library so I went to
her) cutie come on we need to go mall for shopping with your brothers and mom
Ara:really?(cute voice)
Y/n: (Chuckle)(nod)
We went to Parking lot to see their waiting for us
Jimin:hi sis you very fast (sarcastic tone)
Y/n:(rolled your eyes)
Jk:hi sis you are coming with us (bunny smile)
Y/n:yes ara is coming with you it is okay for you ara
Ara: but Unnie don't you come to the mall
Y/n: cutie I am coming in mine you will come with them
Ara: okay unnie see you in mall(with that she went in)
Y/n: take care of her bye (cold tone)
Bts:bye (we went in our limo)
This is the limo

Ara:oppo your limo is super (cute voice)
Jk:(chukle) thank you lil sis
BTS was so happy to see his maknae like this after all years
Jk:sis why y/n not come in our limo
Ara: because she come in her bike she loves her bike so much she have many bike than car
Then we came to the mall to see y/n playing game in her phone we all shock except ara because she come Faster than us
Jk:y/n when did you come
y/n:10 minutes ago why
Tae: from school to this mall will take 30minuts you came in 20 minutes
Y/n:ok come mom will be waiting for us
They all nod
And went in to the mall
Mom: hi sweeties
All:hi mom
Mom:did you guys accept me
Bts:yes mom
Mom was so happy she jumping like a kid and ran to them hugging so tightly
Bts:m-om we can-n't breath
Mom immediately left them and said
Mom: sorry kids I am so happy so today's Treat is mine for food okay first where we need to go
Tae/y/n: Gucci
Tae/y/n:stop copying me ,yahh
Jk/ara: stop it you two act like a kids
Tae/yn:we.are.not. kids(stern voice)
Jk/ara:ok Hyung/unnie
Mr kim:ok we can go to Gucci (chuckle)
Infront of Gucci
Tae/y/n:oh my baby I am coming for you
We look at each other and sending death glares
Mom:if you finished your glare competition can we go in
We nod and went in
Time skip after shopping
We are in cafe
Eating our snacks and chit chatting

Y/n pov
Then I saw a waiter come in our way  and looking at ara liking his lips then I  saw he looking at her thigh

Y/n/tae:how dare looking my sister like that (shouted in unison)

Tae pov
I was eating my food then I saw ara looking uncomfortable what happen to her then I saw the waiter looking at her liking his lips then I said

Y/n/tae:how dare looking my sister like that (shouted in unison)

We look at each other and turn to him

Waiter: come on we can share her

Tae/y/n:how dare you say that infront
Of my sister

Then they two went to him and beat the shit out of him

Others try to Stop us because he was about to die
So we stopped and said
Tae/y/n:if I see you again that's the last day of you
Namjoon: you are fired
Y/n:what do you mean he fired
Jin: namjoon is owner of this cafe
Then we turn saw ara crying and hugging jungkook that when it hits ara is sensitive
Y/n: cutie don't cry unnie is here nobody can do anything to you i will buy 5 banana milk and ice cream
(She immediately stop crying and see me with her doe eyes )
Ara: really?
Others chuckle at her childish behaviour
Then we went  Mr kim's manshion for house tour because we will be living there after wedding
Living room


Dining room



Mom and Mr Kim room

Ara room (thre are two rooms she will select after wedding)

Y/n room (two room she can choose one)

Bts room you can imagine it

Hi guys it's your author I don't own any pictures and videos only story is mine

Bye 👋 by your author

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