Chapter 19: Day Off

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" I?"

"Why am I.. here?"

"I.. don't..."

"I don't know.."

Your eyes open wide and you were in a house you didn't recognise. Your body wasn't your own, you felt restricted. This would've been terrifying if it wasn't so familiar like. Your eyes fall back as darkness overtake you once more.

Your vision came back to you and you were surrounded by snow. You faintly recognised it as a mountain where you've done a mission because of the frequent sightings of demons.

You looked around, trying to find something. Soon enough, your hand felt the surface of a worn out katana. You took out the blade and slashed the tree behind you, resulting in a gruesome blood spray.

"Demon.." A voice, you presume the owner of the body, grumbled out. The demon laughed out, it's limbs reattaching itself to it's body. The demon shrunk back into a weirdly shaped pot, it's lips for eyes smiling devilishly at you.

"My, my, little girl. You're not quite the one I was looking for. Oh well, I'm sure Douma would be happy to get rid of you."

Douma? The rainbow eyed demon? You tensed, taking a stance. "Shut up, tell me why you're after her! Why do you do this, scum!"

Before you knew it, you broke out into an intense fight with the demon in the pot, anger overwhelming your senses as you struggle to protect something, someone.

Even if your body could keep up, you were simply looking through it's eyes. The overwhelming feelings bashing into your head made you groan in pain. Finally something happened.

In front of you, the demon in the pot was ripped to shreds. Everytime it started to regenerate, the same flesh ripping slashes would inflict damage onto the demon. The monster before you, neither human or demon, stared at the demon with dead eyes.

It almost sounded like growling as it readies it's blades, each floating around it as if it were claws of her own. It's blood stained self alerted you and you lunged towards it, stopping it in it's tracks.

"No, no! Not now, please! Calm- calm down!" The voice shouted, desperation and worry mixed in her voice as she tries to hold the figure back. The potted demon laughed, taking this time to retreat, the clay pot clinking against the rock.

The figure shoved you away and your eyes widen as light bathed in their face, exposing their identity to you.

Black surrounded you once again.


You sit up, your head hitting Muichiro's, resulting in an audible crack. You fall back onto your pillow, rubbing your hand against your head, groaning. Muichiro, who was unfazed, continued to look down at you, a seemingly blank gaze with a hint of expectancy in his eyes.

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