Chapter Two

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"Thanks." Alex said to the butler, who bowed down before leaving. After he left, she opened the door to her room and paused when she was nearly blinded by so many pink.

"Gross! This seriously needs a decoration, like a lot of it." Alex grumbled before pulling down the bell for her butler, Kyle.

"You called, my lady?" Kyle kneeled down. Kyle is a man with white hair, purple eyes, and butler outfit.

"I need blue and gold paintings, new bedding, and a new carpet." Alex listed what she needed to redecorate while looking around her room, silently cringing at the pink colors.

Who the hell even decorated my room? She wondered, inwardly frowning. Whoever it is, they're bound to get fired if she was like her shitty parents.

"As you wish." Kyle bowed down once again before leaving to fetch the things she ordered.

Alex put down her luggage on the floor before walking towards her balcony. She closed her eyes and smiled as she feel the wind softly brushing her face.

Unbeknownst to her, a certain cunning boy was watching her from below in curiosity and interest.

Pretty... He thought, watching her beautiful golden hair fly in the wind, her peaceful expression, and that soft, tempting lips of hers. He silently wonders how soft her lips would be if he plays with it.

Alexandra snapped out of her peaceful moment when she felt like someone was watching her and looked down only to see no one.

Odd, I could've sworn I saw someone watching me. Alexandra thought, but she didn't dwell on it when Kyle finally returned.

"I have returned, Lady Alexandra." Kyle said, kneeling.

"Thank you, Kyle, and for the last time, please stop bowing at me, it makes me feel old." Alex complained while her butler smiled a little.

"I'm afraid I can't do that, m'lady."

Alex rolled her eyes. "Fine. You may go." Kyle bowed down and leave.

"Now..." She turned around to look around her room before cracking her fingers and knuckles. "Let's get this over with."


Moriarty knocked on Alexandra's door and waited for her to open it while holding the tray.

What's keeping her busy enough to make her miss dinner? Moriarty wondered before the smell of paint reached his nose. Paint? Is she painting?

"Lady Alexandra?" He was about to knock again, but Alex opened the door before he could even open it. "Lady--" Whatever words that was about to come out of his mouth was suddenly gone when he saw her appearance.

Her clothes was covered in blue and gold paint with her hair and some of her skin. Overall, she was quite a mess, but to Moriarty, it made her even more beautiful than before.

"Oh, hey. What's up?" She asked, trying to sound nonchalant as possible, but she can't fool him.

"What happened to you, Lady Alexandra?" He asked, glancing inside her room, but she won't let him.

Alex nervously laughed. "W-whatever do you mean? I am perfectly fine."

Moriarty didn't buy that and Alex saw it, causing her to admit defeat. "Fine, I am fine, but my room is not. It's... a mess." She said as she opened her door to let him in.

Moriarty nearly lost his composure when he saw the room. Mess is an understatement when he saw her room, but it was beautiful in its own way.

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