Chapter 18: Investigation

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Your eyes fluttered open, your body still paralyzed by sleep. The bland ceiling greeted you along from gentle snoring from beside you. Your head turned, looking at Rui sleeping peacefully beside you. You sigh, slowly getting up from the bed.

"I should.. probably let him sleep for a while..." You heard the familiar coos of Hagakure and stretched.


You stood up and grabbed your basin.

"Time for work."


You slid your fingers against the smooth steel, staring at the unconscious redhead. It's been four days and he hasn't woken up yet to your dismay. Zenitsu was already up and currently doing rehabilitation training with Aoi and Inosuke was-

"Excuse.. me.."

You whip your hand around to find Kanao, making you smile. You wave at her and she nods before looking down at Tanjiro. She wasn't wearing her cape but the pin you gave her was safely situation on her collar.

She didn't say anything and just started at Tanjiro as if waiting for him to spring up, "You must care about him, right Kanao?" You spoke out, breaking up the silence. She raised her head and looked at you with wide eyes.

"He's..." She muttered, looking back down. "My best friend.."

You chuckle and pat her head to which she didn't react to.

"Well then, why don't we take turns taking care of him? He's special to me too." She raised her hand and you could see the tiniest hint of a smile. You were about to talk more before you were interrupted.

"Y/N, Y/N! You are to go south-west! South, south west! Meet the Mist Pillar there! Further details will be explained once you're united! Now! Now! Coo!"

You sigh, fixing your hair. "Well then Kanao, today it's you first. Take care of them for me alright?" She nodded and you dashed to the guest room you were staying in.

You shook Rui, telling him to get up. "What's the matter?" You grabbed a large haori and draped it over him, leading him out.

"I have an urgent mission, you have to tag along. I don't have a box like Tanjiro so this will have to do for now, alright?"

When you stepped into the spotlight, Rui clung to you, pulling the hood of the haori over his face. The socks he got from Aoi were sure to protect his face so you didn't worry. Rui put on his muzzle and you were both on your way to the location.


"Y/N! And.. someone else.."

Muichiro grumbled, looking at Rui like he did a crime right in front of him. You sweat dropped and clapped your hands.

Hagakure perched on your shoulder and nodded, "Muichiro and Y/N are here to investigate coo! There have been sightings of Twelve Kizuki meeting up here coo! Oyakata-sama wants you to find any Intel available and report back to headquarters, that's all coo!" She flew off and faded into the background.

You looked back at them and they seemed to have a staring contest. You waved a hand and they snapped out of it. You pointed at the abandoned storehouse where the supposed demons were.

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