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Okay so I better give you a back story before I go off and tell you my story.

I'm a foster child. My dad beat my mom when I was younger so I had to be put in foster care. That was about

10 years ago. I have a family now who loves me and takes care of me.

I'm an only child so I pretty much hang with friends a lot.Okay this is my first year going to school in LA. I am originally from South Carolina but when I got adopted we moved here. I'm starting the 8th grade this year. I hope I make some friends. I had a best friend while I was in South Carolina. But when I moved we grew apart and now we don't talk. So it's time to make some new friends! I just hope they see me for me and not my flaws. Oh and did I mention my hair with mood?


Okay guys! This is the beginning of my book. I hope you guys like it! I know its not that good but I tried: ) Comment what you think about my book so far.

~ Destiny

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