I Can't Believe You!

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*Carly's POV*

Sophie had told me about what Kody said to her. She told me how maybe I had been seeing things. I politely told her I had to leave and would be back soon. I really wanted to find Kody....

As I was walking down the hallway towards the elevator, I saw Kody standing there. "Kody!" He turned around and waited for me to catch up to him. 

"Hey, what's-" "Don't 'Hey' me! Why did you lie! If sophie finds out! She'll be heart broken!" I saw the anger in his face. "Don't you say that to me! You're in this just as much as me! It's not just me!" He snaps back. "I told them to find someone else! I told them, I don't want any part in it! Then you had to go and hit me with a car! You need to tell her!" He looks at me, I can see the defeat in his eyes. He looks down. "I can't..." He doesn't finish. "You 'Can't' what?!" He continues to look down. I'm going to lose it if he doesn't look at me! "I can't tell her... He said... That if I did, he would hurt her... and I..." He doesn't continue. We share a silent moment. 

That is until I hear sniffling. 

I look back over to Kody. He's head is still down, but I can see the tears running down his cheeks. I don't know what to do. I've never seen Kody cry. Not since their father had passed in a car accident. He refuses to talk about it, even to this day...

What should I do....?

'*'*'Everybody is sick... I'm the only person who hasn't gotten sick... Help...*'*'*

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